Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Damn... STOP SNITCHIN {Not What You Think Though}

Some of ya'll gonna be mad at me today... lol
DISCLAIMER: I abide by all laws of the US. I do not agree with the raping or statutory rape of any child, woman or man. These views expressed are my opinions of the justice system and what I feel about these situations.


To all my little niggaz from coast to coast, hitting your teachers... STOP SNITCHIN !!!

So I'm sitting in the library this morning reading the news, listening to Fabolous's Ghetto Fabulous album (his best if you ask me). And I noticed this story about this Teacher Stephanie Ragusa, whom now has to serve 10 years in prison for what you ask? Having sex with a boy 16 years old. Now, she didn't rape him, seduce him nor, drug him, just strictly have sex with him. Like I stated above I don't condone rape of any type but WHAT THEE FUCK ???!!!
You gotta be kidding me! Most of the time when female teachers have sex with the students the we( The Males) initiate the entire situation. I have a big problem with this because I feel the law is so messed up with situations like this. For example in middle school I had a certain teacher (were gonna call her Ms. T cause were friends on Facebook. lol) who I used to initiate " accidental contact" with ALL THE TIME. Ms. Q was badd as THEE FUKK. All of my homies used to talking about smashin her. Hell some of my teachers (men) used to know what it was. And it just wasn't her we spoke of fantasies of hitting many of our gorgeous ass techers. Fellas you can't tell me you don't have ONE teacher who you never fantasized about. You probably even sexed her but never told any one about. Cause if you can't recall ONE teacher you wouldn't smash, you are a liar and a Crab Ass. I mean seriously, even in high school, there was the cheerleading coach (were gonna call her Ms. Z... LOL) I know she wanted me in some kinda way but she never wanted to come on to me but it was quite apparent or if she didn't I KNOW she thought about it. Invites to the house, coming to the classroom after hours before basketball practice, asking me about what kinda girls I like... THE SIGNS WERE ALL THERE. If I were to engage with any kind of activity with this women, would I have told anyone? My best friend yes anyone else... HELL NO! I feel the legislature should understand that when I boy gets to a certain age he can become physically stronger than a women, therefore it shouldn't be on her whether sexual activities are performed it should be on him. By law a woman cannot technically rape a man so why are these Teachers being prosecuted cause these young punks layin that game on them, and they choose to give up the panties? These lil niggaz running around like heroes at their perspective schools while the teachers suffer humiliation, and embarrassment. If anything I agree with firing them, but not prosecution.
Fellas ask your self if you are 16 year old adolescent would you attempt to smash at least ONE of these women if they were your teacher and they made advances at you?

Now this website below gives a massive list with pictures and charges on these women and other women who have had sexual relationships with young men in their school. CHECK IT OUT !

Now to all of my lil homies, that's living that lavish life of smashing one of their High School Teachers... STOP SNITCHING... You're causing unnecessary drama, and you messin up the game for you comrades... LOL

BY THE WAY... If a MALE teacher has sex with an underaged FEMALE student... Put that nigga under the jail. #JusSayin

So how do ya'll feel about this? Men? Women? Comment right under !!! Let me know your views people !!!


  1. I really enjoyed this Bj! Funny thing is that I could honestly tell which teacher you were talking about! Lmfao, your crazy! I agree that it shouldnt be as BIG of a deal as it is, but at the same time, parents do not send they're kids to school to be preyed upon by grown women. Obviously they have mental issues that should be taken care of. This is one time where the societal double standards of men and women work in our favor, because i'm sure if a man was to do the same, the punishment would have been worst

  2. Bj are you serious? You're old enough so why exactly does it matter to you....? I'm just saying....good writeup though

  3. I pick the last teacher... lmao