Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So I Mean... What's REALLY Good?! (Part 2) {Women}

This is a small sample of what's gonna be written about in my forthcoming book...

So yesterday, I exposed part of the problem with the men in Atlanta, and why the relation scene and the dating scene is so tragically ruined due to some of the poor mentality that most men in Atlanta possess. Although I do feel that the problem lies within the men the most, I feel that the female issue presented is the same or even possibly worse...

But before I go on a rampage...

One of the most baddest black women in history. Guess Who !

I ABSOfukkinLUTELY LOVE "The WOMAN." Like I wish females would sometimes look at themselves in the mirror butt ass naked and understand the beauty in which they we're graced. The MOST HIGH made them second, but made them the most precious and the most valuable then we (men) can ever be. I understand why, the most greatest creations take time and that's what Women are. Its a sad thing that women don't understand that about themselves and its even worse we as men (some of us) STILL haven't figured that out yet.

Now the nice part is out of the way...

Ladies... All of that stuff you're pulling, almost everything you're doing that's sending negativity out is...


I know Chris Brown (shoutout to my nigga) didn't write that song for this very reason but he got it right by saying "DON'T YOU BE ON THAT BULLSHIT !" LADIES WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ?! Let me correct myself, because women of today, more specifically our generation are not "ladies" anymore. *Disclaimer: I don't mean all ladies. Cause there are some out there. BUT I must say if you are offended by anything I'm saying then it probably applied to you.* Now... I mean what happen to the "Lady"? Females are the thirstiest than they have ever been in a LONG TIME. I mean its so bad out here women are doing things I have never heard of, or even thinking that would happen. Ladies if you ask a man, that is not YOUR man or a close friend or relative for SEX, a drink in the club, to court you in a date, chances are you are THIRSTY AS HELL... Get a drink for all of us. Women, you see when a man understands he's dealing with a "lady" automatically he knows what he's dealing with and he won't be prone to do negative things toward you. In addition a "lady" weeds out all men who are prone and susceptible to that B.A.N. disease I spoke of yesterday. All of this thirst must end because then it would end a lot of other things.
Another thing ladies just because a man COMPLIMENTS you , doesn't mean he's trying to holla at you. That attitude is on sale for Free ninety nine... IT MUST GO ! He's supposed to compliment you, you are a LADY remember? (or at least you wanna be one) I feel like many negative situations get into mostly begins because how of a woman personifies herself. Ladies we'll only treat you how you treat yourself. If you carry yourself, and dress loose we're gonna try you like a whore( I.e Smut, Trick, Hoe, Easy, etc.). You carry yourself like respectable, strong, beautiful, "lady" you'll get treated like one.

Lastly, ladies please oh please allow men to be gentlemen. Meaning two things allow a MAN to be a MAN with certain things and second, if a dude is not meeting your standards then he's not for you but if he is but there is negativity lingering around then your standards are too low. Ladies allow a man to do nice things for you and allow him to be Chivalrous. Sometimes you complain about what he doesn't do when you don't even let him.
Not to mention when you SETTLE for less and get less in return why be mad? You paid for what you got. Thereafter you feel some resentment towards men, acting a certain way towards them, because of your mentality those men act a certain way towards other women only to continue the cycle of negativity that already apparent...

That is just a sample of what is yet to come within my book. But I wanna know how do you guys feel about this so far. Do you guys agree? I have much more to add but I can't give it for free... lol. But Ladies what do you think? How do you feel about this so far? Holla at me... If you have any questions or comments please post them below, don't be shy. Or if you're a friend of mine on twitter talk to me on there.

Let's get back to the days of love like the 60's and 70's.

What ya'll know about this? lol


  1. "In addition a "lady" weeds out all men who are prone and susceptible to that B.A.N. disease I spoke of yesterday. All of this thirst must end because then it would end a lot of other things."

    I f.cks with that statement...A dude would act right if a young woman would make him live to her standards. They have this fear of being alone and a problem of trying to "fix" guys(However, some dudes need a down-ass supportive sister by their side).

  2. Another thing I'd like to add and I always say this in conversations when it comes to relationships, WOMEN ARE ATTRACTED TO BAD GUYS. . . When in a relationship with a true gentleman they complain of being bored or try to take of advantage of that guy. But in a relationship with a "bad guy" as much shit as they talk, they stand by his side thru thick and thin, even if the thin includes physical abuse.

    There has to be a balance between been too nice, and "so far gone"

    Being a gentleman, without being a pushover


  3. Women need to start loving themselves. if they do they will have respect for themselves and demand respect from the guys.

  4. That statement is so true!!! That's why I LOVE myself therefore I can pass on the LOVE to my man and we won't have any MAJOR issues! ;)

  5. Again, great words sir.. Well put. As a female, I try to surround myself with young ladies that are well-kept, outspoken, beautiful on the inside, and things of that nature and even that is hard! So I know it must be hard for young men to find a suitable person to date. Furthermore, what a alot of men must realize is that women of today's society deal with one thing that I really wish would just go away forever: jealousy. Some women compare themselves to other women whether it be because of how they look, how they dress, what type of man they have, a job related issue, etc... all mainly because of how society tells us a woman should be and because sometimes men compare women without realizing it (and sometimes doing it on purpose) and women pick up on that. One of the most beautiful things in this world is when a woman learns who she is and can function effectively in this world without worrying about what society wants her to be.. "comfortable in her own skin" Until she reaches that point in her life, no male can expect her to be anything close to the potential lady she can be.

  6. I've been saying this for years...Women have the power to take over the world! YES the world...strip all powers from men and take over the world! Women hold the key to reproduction. Without the woman there is no me, you, cousin, sister, you get my point. Women use this to your advantage. If all the women stopped hating on one another and banded together and said you know what...we not having sex anymore until we get what the fuck we want (whatever that may be) leavin the man with no choice but to fall weak. Instead of letting the nigga smash on the first night actually get to know him and if doesn't stick around long you know either he wasn't feeling you as a person (personality) or he just wanted to smash and didn't give a fuck about getting to know you.

    Another thing...Women...get your self-esteem up PLEASE! You are beautiful...don't let any one else tell you other wise.

    Smart Dummy