Friday, June 25, 2010

So... Who REALLY Killed Michael Jackson ?!


Its time for me to give ya'll some of this pure, nature made, 100% potent knowledge I'm about to drop on ya'll... First and foremost, a big #shoutout to Dr. Conrad Murray he's taking this well, (you'll see what I mean)he's doing he job like he's supposed to. Second, I want you all to have a open mind on anything I put up here and do not judge from the start. All of this is info you can go back and check on yourselves. Third, PEOPLE WAKE THE HELL UP !!! Mj was sacrificed, he wasn't on drugs, and he didn't molest them bitch ass, fuck-ass kids... Now lets get on to business... A big #shoutout to The LIGHT Producutions for these videos and especially FARHANk...

You like this huh? I'm your pusher... (Pusha T Voice)

You high yet? Try not to O.D. on this one

Now that's you've seen them let me know how you feel... I'm open to any question or comment. Holla at me...


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