Friday, July 2, 2010

The Best Way To Hide Something Is To Put It In PLAIN SIGHT

What up people ?! Disclaimer: All that I ask that while reading and listening to this information that you keep an open mind to all the information you hear and see. For that everything is in actuality not what it seems...

I'm just gonna give you a something quick to think about today no hardcore info just stuff to come to your attention. Baby Food if you will, then I'll allow you to eat some softer foods, until you're ready for the "good stuff." But before i start I must remind you of this one concept that must remain in your mind. NOTHING HAPPENS ON ACCIDENT I'm starting out with movies first before I get to music but first lets take a look at some commercials...

Mind you this commercial is similar to the one's we have in America, in which the two guys text a question before the sumo guy hits him... (you know) Only this is shown in the UK. That's not that bad to you? How About This?

How many of you all remember this MTV commercial that aired for a very short period of time? This deals with the concept of Marshall Law a concept I will go in depth on a little bit later. I will discuss the relevance of this later as well..

This is the second part of this commercial...

Now let me bring you to these Commercials that have recently been apart of Allstate's marketing scheme. They usually have the black guy saying accidents happening right? Look at what changes now...

Now on sight, I thought these commercials were hilarious ! But when it stated MAYHEM IS COMING I thought what do these small accidents have to do with Mayhem? You see the wikitionary defines MAYHEM as a general physical disturbance; a crowd tussle or fight; a state of DISORDER; CHAOS; The crime of willfully maiming or injuring a person With that being stated, I asked myself are they (The Illuminated Ones) trying to tell us something? I mean, as I educate you more on the topic you will see that the American populaces' intelligence has gotten so minute that they will put things in our faces because we care more about trivial things (i.e. Tiger Woods scandal, Where LeBron is going? etc.) As I teach more you will understand this. They understand that you will pay attention the comedy in these commercials and its and although its Allstate's slogan, "Are You in good hands?" is very witty.

Now on to the your main course... Remember what I said, the truth has been in your faces the entire time, you just haven't been Awakened to it. Before I'm ever through blogging, I WILL awaken you all out of this sleep before it is too late... Shoutout to FarhanK501 for this video. (PLEASE WATCH IN ITS ENTIRETY)

I'm gonna spoon feed you info every time until you're ready for the complicated info. Remember when you go out into the world, everything is not what it seems. Sometimes as you search for the truth, it is directly right in front of you.

Let me know how you feel!!! I'll take any questions, comments, anything...

Let's Start The Revolution !


  1. Maybe people shouldnt know or dont want the truth...Maybe we throw stuff in people's faces for shits and giggles

  2. That National Treasure clip is crazy, wen his eye was over the "partly destroyed" pyramid...

  3. Wow this was really an eye opener and very informative

  4. well i alrdy agree i woke up bout a yr ago & done plenty of research im glad ur puttin all this out there . ppl dnt understand its jus not bout jay-z & goes soooooo far back to like the founding fathers ex. george washington, abraham lincoln, etc. ppl needa seriously jus wake the fuck up . this world we live in is temporary this is NOT home ....

  5. Come on, if you had the answer to the world's biggest question. "Does God (The Most High) exist?

    Would you bluntly tell people or would you put it in a book with critical information and make sure it remains revelant in every generation?

    I can tell you facts...but somebody out there wants to be a rebel and go against the grain. We inspire to be different but really WE are all the same.

  6. For in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow. -Ecclesiastes 1: 18

    Are you prepared to expose something that you prob dont know much about yourself?

    Are you prepared to deal with the sorrow that comes with knowing?

    Are you ready to become this "revolutionary"? B/c pain and sacrifice tend follow those who seek change.

    People tend to send out wolves in sheep clothing just to fool the masses. It's hard to decipher fact from fiction.

    I'm just a curious mind throwing out ideas and questions

  7. I have no comment for you ma'am/sir when you are ready to reveal truths you will reveal yourself. Thanks... Only then I can be truly honest. Just know I am NOT alone. And its really not to hard to decipher fact from fiction.

  8. A review of history will show the following;

    Men will turn the blind eye to the truth for a "higher" power, and have done so time and time again. Murder, crime, theft all in the name of "higher power", greater good, allah, master race, etc....the histroy books all show the times over and over it has