Monday, July 5, 2010

Hating For Dummies

It has come to my attention that this word, "Hating" has been transformed into a word used almost by everyone, everywhere, for just about EVERY purpose. Therefore today's post is aimed at educating the masses on exactly what "Hating" is. It has gotten so bad out here, individuals call "Hating" anything and even worse, some don't even know they are  "Hating" so lets gather some understanding about this topic.

So without further adieu...

Let's begin...

First and Foremost, in order to understand "Hating" you must understand that everyone IS NOT... I repeat... IS NOT out to hate on you. Next you must have something to hate on so that people can hate on you. There are aboslutely too many individuals walking around feeling like they are the most "Hated On" when in fact, they are the most laughed atLike c'mon shawty, take a look at yourself in the mirror and actually ask yourself, "Could I possibbly be hated on?" or, "Do I possess that inner hate of myself to appear  as if I have "haters"Not to mention hating is something that we've ALL done. In a sense its inate in nature in certain situations that is... (competitive situations) but nevertheless any hating outside of those situations can not be condoned.This has really been a massive epidemic so, let's put it to rest today...

These are the top  5 ways to know if you don't have "haters" you're just delusional.

1. If you used to be a lame of ANY sort, now you've achieved some sort of "coolness" yet people still say you're lame and you say they're hating... (No They're not) you just have NO haters because you CAN NOT take away the fact you still was a lame.  lol

2. If you claim to have haters but yet no reasons to be hated on, more than likely... you a lame with no haters.

3. If you think a compliment is "Subliminally Hating" then most likely... You have a fucking problem and should go consult the Man/Woman in the Mirror. (Word to Michael Jackson)

4. If you ever say the statement,"Man, these niggaz out here be hating hard !" and I reply with, " Who ?"  and you say, *slight pause* "You know... these haters." More than likely... you have no haters... you probably just a lame...

5. If no ones knows you enough to hate, nevertheless you post all over Facebook/Twitter statements such as... "Death To Haters" more than likely... you have no haters, and more than likely... you a lame.

These are the top 7 way to know that you are a "HATER"

1.If you steal someone else's swag, you're a lame, followed by a HATER because you HATE your own swag. Stop HATING on yourself ! I abosolutely HATE followers. (Damn I guess that makes me a HATER then... lol)

2.If you don't know a person, never spoke to them, but you find yourself saying, "I don't like that Bitch/nigga." then more than likely... you're a HATER.

3. If you see a person and there is nothing wrong with them, yet you can spot at least ONE thing wrong... more than likely... you're not only a HATER but a SUPER HATER at that.

4. If you're a guy and another guy told you a girl he sexed and you later felt the need to prove the validity of his actions. First, that guy is a LAME for telling you who he sexed, secondly, you're a LAME followed by a HATER for trying to proved if he smashed or not, and you're even a HATER in the third degree if she's not your girl.

5. If you're a girl and you dislike another girl, not because  you know her but because she's with a guy you like... more than likely... You're a hater and THAT guy sensed it, that's why he's not with yo ass... LOL

6. If you claimed to NEVER have HATED on anyone... then most likely... You're a Lyin Ass HATER...



Famous Hating Moments...

So... as always... what do you all think? What did I leave out?! What did I forget to put? Give me your lists of what makes you a HATER ! Holla at me ! LOL


  1. This guy brought back the "oh you mad" freestyle video lmaooo