Monday, July 12, 2010

If God Could Bleed, Would You Still Believe In Him ?

Upon browsing the internet last night  I came into contact with this question I seen on a website. I felt it was rather interesting because its been a battle from within for me do to do a post on my views of religion, but me even seeing that question was a sign that it was time for me go ahead and spread some word to the people so that they must begin to think. DISCLAIMER :I DO NOT INTEND TO MAKE INDIVIDUALS QUESTION THEIR BELIEFS OR RIDICULE THEIR BELIEFS, BUT TO MAKE INDIVIDUALS "THINK"

 I'm still thinking of a way I can directly attack this question because there are multiple angles I can take in answering this question so let me just slow down and gather my thoughts  for a sec...


Let's Go...

Now I first I wanna start by saying that again, I do not intend to speak down or persuade those that read this to question your beliefs, because your faith is your faith and you are free to believe in whatever you believe in, which is a part of life. The only thing I request is that you read this post with a open mind, free if biased. My whole objective is to get you all to leave that mindset in which you believe things are the way they are just because, "that's just the way it is" learn to question certain things. I feel like the power of knowledge and true intelligence is something we lack as a people because we've been dumbed down throughout the beginning of time. (But I'll get to back to this later) So remember to free your mind, and read this with an optimistic mind frame.
We all view GOD as this all seeing, all knowing, all doing deity in which all things come from. Not saying that I don't agree with all of these claims but I have to ask do people REALLY understand what and who they are worshiping. Do you ever stop to think who exactly are you praying to? Is quite clear, that with different religions that every, different religion has a different GOD. I feel like that one fact is quite apparent. With that being said someone has to have it right, right? Which means that the other religions are wrong, right? So how do you know that YOUR religion is the correct one. You might say one word to answer this question... FAITH !
I feel faith is a word that people use too loosely. Honestly, (and this has been stated before) Faith without knowledge is pointless. I use this analogy when I hear people use faith to answer EVERY question about religion. If two people were stranded out at sea, one atheist and one person of any other religion,  with no help, no one to save them, but the only way they could live were to swim, and the one person that was of ANY religion couldn't swim and the atheist could swim who would survive? I believe its quite plausible for the person with faith in a religion to survive by a miracle from their beliefs, but REALISTICALLY the atheist will be the one to survive. Not because the GOD of the religious person forsake them, but because of natural circumstances the atheist could do the necessary on which it took to survive. [DISCLAIMER : THIS IS SIMPLY AN ANALOGY AND DOES NOT SPEAK ON MY BELIEFS AS AN INDIVIDUAL.] I feel that KNOW that there is a higher power that has created all the wonders and beautiful things of the universe but I believe that we've been led astray from this true deity.  
I often think that we build an alternative make believe interpretation of what GOD is and what purpose he/she serves. I think that we as individuals should do some deep soul searching to undoubtedly understand the truth in what we actually "believe in" So the question again, If God Could Bleed, Would You Still Believe In Him ? My answer is...

Of Course...

Now guys... Please comment and answer this question. Would you still believe? Why Or Why Not? Let me know how you feel...


  1. i don't know what my answer would be to that question. but i 100% feel you on this portion ->"how do you know that YOUR religion is the correct one "<--like....i know you're not supposed to worship another God by christian beliefs...but i just find it hard to comprehend that everyone in every other religion that praises a different God or multiple Gods is going straight to hell -_-....i just cant. but religion gives me a headache so that's all i have to

  2. Good Topic .. I feel like you could have touched deeper on it but good nonetheless. I would still believe if God bled bc sometimes when I read the Bible it seems like (s)he did. I know my religion is the correct one because I live it. IDK about other religions although I am open to embracing them, most I have read and understood were unfitting to me. I feel like Christians sometimes cast away other religions while Mormons and Muslims research our religion in order to answer the questions we have and try to show us the flaws in our ways. The realistic answer is that both could survive. The atheist could swim and it take him no time while the believer has to think of a way to get to shore or test faith and learn to swim at that point. I agree with you that we use the term faith loosely and refer to it even when it doesn't answer the question yet that is our own understanding of it .. we believe so much that no explanation is really needed.

  3. I'm confused anonymous one, what is your religion? Also, do you not think other people "live" their religions as well?

  4. this is suggestion would be for people to read, read, read, and most importantly READ!! Go and find out the differences and make a choice based on your own research and findings instead of what "other people say" or what "everyone" else believes in. its 2010 for heaven sakes!! lol good enlightenment Big Brother Conceited! *3 up top^^^*

  5. I'm not quite sure I understand the question fully but however, to answer your question... Yes I would still believe in God because, like Anonymous said, God did bleed. In fact it is because of his blood shed, referencing the crucifixtion, that washes away my sins and allows me to start on a clean slate after I have accepted him as my savior. So the question to me is, if God didn't bleed would I still believe?

    And also commenting on your ideas about faith, I ,again, completely agree with Anonymous said, no exlpanation is needed, and if it could be explained it wouldn't be faith. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."-Hebrews 11:1

    Great topic can't wait to read the next blog!

  6. Great post, and like I said before, I commend you for being brave enough to discuss such a controversial topic. I believe the problem with society and institutions, such as religion, is that from birth, we are all conditioned to think a certain way or believe what we are told to believe. Few people seek the truth for themselves and instead regurgitate what society socially constructs us to believe and fervently defend. With that being said, I feel if many people personally experienced God for themselves, in a personal spiritual connection, they would gain a better personal connection, understanding, and trust in Him/Her/Them (Based on what you believe). Revisiting the example of the two people in the boat, yes “Realistically” the atheist would have a better chance at survival if he could swim, however, having faith IS NOT KNOWING the outcome and trusting that all will be ok. Christians are told to “Walk by Faith and Not By Sight.“

    However, I totally understand if a person cannot understand “faith” if they have not had a personal connection to give them that reassurance. To answer your ultimate question, “Would I still believe in God if he bled?”; yes I would. In Christianity, we are told to believe that man was created in God’s image and if that’s the case. I expect Him to bleed. But I wouldn’t care if he bled or not, I would only care if he continued to be the loving & all-encouraging mastermind of our existence. I respect all beliefs and all cultures. I just encourage everyone to be a free thinker and seek the truth for themselves. Great post!

  7. I found this post pretty interesting.To answer your question,I do believe in God simply because he did bleed according to the bible when he came to earth as flesh. But I feel you on trying to find the "factual' information on whether or not your religion is the right one. That is were many are turned away from Christianity bc some "christians' take the "I'm right and your going to hell" road.This is a good post, but I felt your analogy was a bit too literal. Do you suppose the religious individual was just going to sit on the island and die or learn how to swim? Realistically?

  8. MISS BENTON, my analogy wasn't that the religious individual was on an island but already in the water... thanks for reading

  9. "No one is blinder than he who will not see"-John 9:40-41

    Well said John... Im atheist, btw.

    "Hope... Is irrational"- Huey Freeman.