Monday, July 19, 2010

Public Service Announcement 1

Some of the things I may say here is going to offend individuals, some of the things I say here today may anger individuals, some of the things I say may cause individuals to send me subliminally comments on social networks, (seeing that's the "in" thing to do smh) some of the things I mention today might get me addressed as a "hater" (or any other synonymous term), hell... some of the things on here people just aren't gonna like, but most of all... some of the things I mention here today is going to make you feel as I'm talking to you... Yeah YOU... Because that's just how fcuked up you are, that you think I'm talking to you because you're already guilty of the things I have not yet stated. But as I once said, if you do feel yourself conjuring any of the emotions I have stated above I would like you to understand that I... the Royal Entity gives not one... not two... not three (not even)... but four FCUKS about what you think nor feel. I ask that you take these words as inspiration to allow whatever deity you believe in to take the wheel of your mothership of life, because you are doing nothing short of causing a myriad of issues, and creating a TERRIBLE name for men everywhere... but before I blabber on, this is just a ...

I would like to start off by asking... (clears throat)... WHAT IS THEE PROBLEM WITH YOU NIGGAZ? I have never seen such blatant ignorance, stupidity, and androgynous, feminine-like traits displayed in men this much, EVER. I just don't get it, where did all of this come from? You niggaz need to get it together, y'all acting like straight bitches (disclaimer: ladies I'm not using the term to be a pronoun to "women" I'm using bitch as in the literal "street" definition for the word bitch) with hoe ( as I stated above... well you understand... lol) tendencies. I mean, this stuff is getting out of hand at a rapid rate, and the consequences of these actions are just too alarming much for me to bare. But before I get to these "men" let me first applaud my Real G's (gentlemen) who hold there own and show society that THERE ARE positive, successful black men who are not actors, athletes, or other forms of entertainers. You guys allow me to actually have hope that we can get back to the progressive, positive thinking leaders we once had yesteryear's of the past... 

Now lets begin...

This may seem like a list of some sort but I could not think of any other way to get my point across. If you find yourself doing more than five, no, THREE things on this list, #NiggaGetItTogether. You are not making a positive contribution as a "man" into society, and therefore CHANGE (No Obama) is necessary immediately to insure the positive progression of yourself as an individual and as a contributor to society to insure that Love & Positivity is dispersed to every living being around you.  

1. If you claim to have haters, yet nothing to hate on #GetItTogether.

2.If you ever feel the need to argue with a woman #GetItTogether.

3. If you feel the need to EVER argue with a woman PUBLICLY #GetItTogether.

4. If you can't take constructive criticism, because you feel that it is "hating" #GetItTogether.

5. If you start unnecessary beef on social networks. #GetItTogether.

6. If you subliminally talk about another individual on a social network but DO NOT write  their name, yet EVERYONE knows who you're talking about #GetItTogether.

 7. If you call having sex with a plentiful amount of females an accomplishment #GetItTogether.

8. If you have to state what you do rather than letting your work speak for you #GetItTogether.

9. If you put down others more than build them up, to build up yourself. #GetItTogether.

10. If you feel like all women "Ain't Sh*t" #NiggaGetItTogether.

11. If you don't accept nor understand the value of a woman #NiggaGetItTogether.

12. If you're a liar... Oh please... #NiggaGetItTogether.

13. If you're a "flexer" #GetItTogether.

14. If you do things just to appear cool, n #NiggaGetItTogether then get a new #LeaseonLife

15. If you feel that you have something to prove to individuals that DON'T matter#GetItTogether.

16. If you use social networks to achieve some sort of celebrity. #NiggaPlease  #GetItTogether.

17. If you're "#winning" without stats and some sort of loser being apparent, #NiggaGetItTogether. #ComeBacktoReality

18.  If you can't decipher what's real and what's fake #GetItTogether.

19. If you can't alter your ways after reading this post. #GetItTogether.


20. If YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS POST !!! #NiggaGetItTogether. LOL!

Some things I've just said may have offended you, somethings I've said may have rubbed you the wrong way, hell some things I've say may have even changed your opinion on this blog, so I understand if ...


So what do you all think? Ladies? Gentlemen? Is there any others things that are missing from this list? How do you feel about this post? Talk to me...


  1. I see you speaking some truth today.

  2. Aye, This shyt sum TRUTH! Scrollin down that list i see alot of things people really do in real life and they really NEED to get it together. Keep up the good work ill be stopping threw from time to time to read more of your posts.

  3. Very nice..I'm going to re-blog your list on my tumblr. :)