Friday, July 16, 2010

*Special Request* Just Tap Out !!!

A big #shoutout to @ColliPark_Diva  and my boy @DrStewey for giving me the idea of giving me the idea of writing on this topic today. Not to mention another big #shoutout to my big lil brother @UntouchableTQ for co-signing this topic, which allowed me to possess the confidence to even want to write this even topic even more. Now without further adieu...

Allow me to go in... 

Ok... Before all of my man-bashers and feminists get angry at this picture above, I just felt this was hilarious, for the simple fact that although this picture is a little extreme the statement is somewhat true. {I get on that a little later though.}  Now submission is something that I think that all relationships must possess, that is, if you want a successful, compassionate, trustworthy relationship. I did not get a chance to catch the Rickey Smiley morning show or Oprah and The Monique show in which this topic was discussed, but I read some of the comments that were being posted about the concept of "submission" within the male and female psyche. You see, some men mistakenly, see submission  in a relationship as
this (picture on left) when in all actuality its more and deeper than this. I feel that (in all honesty) the best submission a man can make to a woman is his loyalty. Meaning, that, that ONE woman is his ONLY woman and that he will never step out, cheat, and remain monogamous to her during their tenure (for lack of better terms lol). See ladies due to unforeseen circumstances, its quite difficult for a man to stay with one woman, especially at a young age (bare with me I'll speak on this at on a later post) therefore, understand that when a man continues to become involved with one particular woman at a time, it is his way of submitting, saying that he submits to you under the terms that you satisfy his EVERY need (or at least most of them) and that he's not looking for anything else. So guys if you're involved with that special woman TAP OUT ! I feel that women for the most part understand with the concept of submission but some women feel like submission is the end of the word. They feel like the man must submit to them such as this (picture on the right). (DISCLAIMER: Hell, in this case I would be SO willing to submit in the literal sense not the conceptual sense. But I digress)
Woman understand that it is not in a man's nature to ever
submit under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. We are just not built for submitting, and the pride in which the MOST HIGH created us with won't allow us to do this. This is why you all (women) take more of a more natural stance on submitting. This is not a bad thing of course, in fact it is a beautiful thing... if done right. When a woman submits to a man she is essentially giving him her all. (Most men don't understand this and this is a reason why relationships fail) When a woman submits to a man she is typically saying that she entrusts him with her, and everything she has to offer that in return that he submit his loyalty (what I stated above) to ensure a mutual growth with one another, in one another and the relationship itself.  Now ladies, I must say that there are somethings you must understand to this "submitting" to a man issue. First, (and I must emphasize this) SUBMITTING TO A MAN ALLOWS FOR HIM TO BE A ...(WAIT FOR IT...) A MAN !!! When you all understand this, I swear you will be better off in the future. If you don't allow a man to be a man, trust me someone else will. Don't get caught up in this independent woman bullsh*t that the media perpetuates to mostly the ethnic woman culture that they only need a man for sex, because in essence a woman NEEDS a man just like a man NEEDS a woman. The man/woman existence to one another is vital for one reason and one reason only, the reason why we breathe, the reason why we're attracted to one another, (man and woman that is) and the reason why we can do something that only the MOST HIGH entrusted us with, (produce life) and that reason ladies and gentlemen  is LOVE. But ladies there is a GREAT DISCLAIMER that comes with this, that is that, if a man is not handling his, meaning that he is not being a "Real" man or handling his business you have a right  no it is IMPERATIVE that you DO NOT submit to him. That will not benefit you nor him in the future nor the present, therefore ladies do not allow yourself to submit to a man that not worthy of your submission. So ladies do the right thing... JUST TAP OUT !!!
Submission on all levels is when done right is a beautiful thing. It allows us to make ourselves humble and vulnerable in order for a greater gain. Submission on the surface seems as something scary but think of it as a Great Sacrifice. When a woman and man submit to each other they are showing the MOST HIGH (GOD)  that for once  they have found someone that they value so much that they are willing to make less of themselves to insure the greater good of that person. God smiles upon deeds such as that because that indeed is a beautiful and precious thing.

(*Enter Lil Wayne's inhale & exhale noise he does on mostly ALL TRACKS he "goes in" on*)

LOL. That was lame as hell... LMAO

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So as always... How do you all feel about this? Ladies? Gentlemen? What did I leave out? What do you want to add? Let me know your opinions. Comment Below !!!



  1. Good Job my phi!!! I'm interested to see speculations from both sexes, but like I tweeted this morning, before bringing the idea to you for this blog, I understand gender roles and I believe submission can be both ways but from my end I want be able to leave the house and know that when I come back things (that were dependent on me) are getting handled accordingly!
    N that's my 2 cents...

  2. Love it BJ...needed this...#TrueShit #RealTalk ...thanks

  3. I can dig it... I must say I do agree with the information put forth because being the woman I am, I still have yet to understand this "independent woman" mindset. I really liked the statement, "If you don't allow a man to be a man, trust me someone else will. Don't get caught up in this independent woman bullsh*t that the media perpetuates to mostly the ethnic woman culture that they only need a man for sex..." I do FULLY agree with it. I believe in submitting to my man, but I am also glad you mentioned the part about men submitting also because I feel it is "forgotten" sometimes that it is a two-way deal...I am curious as well to see the views of others especially my fellow women because not many in our generation know anything about how to treat a man, how to be RESPECTFULLY treated by a man, how and what it means to be submissive, as well as why it is NECESSARY he submits to her....

    good stuff good stuff, my dear

  4. Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.
    Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.
    - Colossians 3:18-19