Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Reasons Why Men Cheat

So I know last Friday's post was way over you guys' head, (which is cool) cause I had absolutely NO COMMENTS on it. lol. But its all good, don't say I never gave you the information... I still love y'all for reading...  Anyways...
Here, I #TheRoyalEntity give my readers a chance to choose the post they would like to see written about and surprisingly, this was the topic voted on the most (even by guys !). This has been a topic plaguing women since the beginning of relationships. So I feel like, I KNOW I have the reasons in which women are so maliciously done wrong (70% of the time that is). LOL.

You Ready...

Lets Go...

Now first let me start off by saying that I'm not gonna give you that politically correct bullsh*t that you're gonna read on other sites that usually point to problems within the relationships and or the woman in why men cheat. In reference to that... DUH! All of that sh*t is quite obvious but more often all of their (other websites and blogs that speak on this issue) tips, information, and practically everything included on this topic is ambiguous and redundant and often leave women with a feeling of ambivalence; in which they (women) can not arrive at a simple conclusion that will actually allow them to develop some type of progressive attitude (towards the topic) that can be only achieved through a greater understanding of the issue. Therefore the reasons that I am going to give you today are rarely talked about, but yet, explains or at least gives you a greater understanding to why we as men, think the way we do, act the way we do, and the mind-frame we possess that essentially leads to "Cheating."

Let's Begin

5. Men cheat when THERE IS NOT A STRONG EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT present within the relationship.
Ladies, please understand that the MOST HIGH created us as an more logical being than a emotional being within the universe. Therefore we often time base decisions on a sort of "thought process" regardless of how it may feel. No matter how good to us you may be, no matter how gorgeous you are(WORD TO HALLE BERRY), no matter how good the sex may be, if we are emotions aren't in tune to the relationship, we are liable to step out. Better yet... IF WE CAN LOGICALLY THINK OF CHEATING ON YOU BUT NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT AT ALL BUT THINK THAT ITS OK AS LONG AS YOU DON'T FIND OUT OR BECAUSE THE OTHER WOMAN IS JUST A "FCUK" WE WILL CHEAT ON YOU! Ladies you must understand that no matter who much we care about you, if we're not there emotionally it means we sub-consciously don't care about our actions because we have a blind sense of security seeing that everything is gonna be alright. If we don't possess that emotional consciousness that our actions can be detrimental to our relationship, WE WILL cheat, and there is nothing you will be able to do about it...  

4. Men are #lowkey SUPERFICIAL
The biggest lie ever told was that men are simple creatures and easy to please. In the words of Bengal's Wide Receiver Ochocinco, "#childplease" Ladies if you take this one fact for granted you will lose. If you get comfortable in your relationship and start losing that "W.O.W. (Winning him Over Wisely) factor." You will  end up with that "L.O.S.S. Factor (Loss him Over Simple Stupidity)" Please understand, hat how you start the relationship is how you should continue the relationship in a consistent manner. CONSISTENCY LEADS TO LONGEVITY no matter what you do in life! For example, if a man starts out in a relationship with great sex, do your really think in his mind he is gonna think, "well since now I got her, I can ease up." HELL NO  if he did someone would end up sexing his woman. Therefore he understands that the value of the d!ck under any circumstance, NEVER DEPRECIATES! Therefore ladies by maintaining that "W.O.W. Factor" you maintain his attention, thus keeping your man satisfied in the process which leads to a home without infidelity.

3. Men LIVE in the MOMENT 
Ladies understand the quote is true when it says, "A man's LOVE is LIFE." This proponent of our psyche sometimes gets us into the worse of trouble. No matter what is going on in our life at the time, no matter what were involved in, certain things are prone to happen, in certain situations. Men tend to get "caught in the moment" very easily. We could have a the best Woman in THE UNIVERSE, but a nice environment+ convincing womanizing friends + alcohol+ (weed or coke {I know how y'all get down. lol}) + a beautiful girl + a beautiful, horny girl who is choosing (showing interest in an individual or strong attraction to a person wanting to extend the acquaintance met.) = a disaster waiting to happen for a individual who lacks the willpower to not give in to temptation. This is one of the BIGGEST causes of a man cheating, the simple "CAUGHT-UP Syndrome" Hell, USHER even put in a song. Anytime you ask a man "Oh what happened between you and (Insert name Here) ?" and he replies with a *sigh* followed by a shook head, the with this statement, "Man I got CAUGHT UP!" Its usually attributed to Number 3 on this list.

Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you. That's truly about the game, and in some ways that's about life too.---  Michael Jordan on the game of basketball.

This is the realest quote EVER, by the play the GAME of basketball. But to those who've also played the "game"(the dating scene without dating, often seen as "macking" or being successful in being a serial womanizer) it even applies there. When you been successful at something for so long, you tend to not want to leave it. This is also adds to the reasons of why men are so likely to cheat. Sometimes women forget that being a womanizer or having sex with different women on a frequent basis is something like an addiction. Therefore when you jump into a relationship with a man, knowing his past do you really think he's gonna go Cold Turkey and kick the habit? Be realistic. As one of my colleagues once told me, (please excuse the ignorance that's about to follow) "I been fcuking these hoes (women not literal whores), so Ima keep fcuking these hoes (women), until I'm tired of fcuking these hoes (you get the picture) !" As wretched (ratched for all you street individuals lol) as this sounds its the honest truth. Surprisingly, this is another unconscious mindset perpetuated by the male in which our pride has a lot to do with this.

I don't think you all are ready for this...

But I'm going to give it to you anyways...


1. Men cheat because they NEED to.
 Now before the ladies get all angry and upset at this, and before they try to fathom what kind of reason is this... LMAO... Even the gentlemen are a little confused like, "what do you mean we NEED to ?!" I ask you all in my Kanye voice... "Here me out!" Now, I came to this conclusion from putting a myriad of ideas together when it simply pointed me in this direction. I'm not saying Men NEED to cheat as to promote it saying that its a fad that's cool to do I'm saying that this necessity is within then inner psychological  membrane of the man. Its a need that isn't never satisfied (not for all men just a percentage) because this need is a paradox of some sort. How else is it that a man can have everything he needs and wants in a woman, yet he stills feels the need to step out on her? How is is that WOMEN WANT ONE MAN TO SATISFY MANY NEEDS WHILE A MAN WANTS MANY WOMEN TO SATISFY ONE NEED?! Besides all the relationship problems, and problems with the woman a man can have, and other obvious reasons he has to cheating, this "NEED" to cheat, does something for him that completes him or evokes some sort of emotion that nothing else does. {once again this doesn't apply to all men} Yes this man can have it all, yes cheating can be wrong, but he does it because it gives him a satisfaction that nothing else does, therefore... he essentially... NEEDS it.   

Think about it.

Now I know, you all have a lot to say... So if you want to comment please comment below let me know how you feel about this topic. If you comment on twitter please go to @theroyalentity to post your comments. Don't hold back! Holla at me...


  1. First of all, its hilarious as shit when you break down ebonics lmao i.e. choosing lol

    But about two years ago, I was in an almost perfect relationship but I still cheated. . . It was a caught up in the moment type of thing that went outta control.

    When I look back on it, it was foolish as hell, but I still see myself doing the same thing with my relationship I'm persuing now! I talk to a girl and she is sexy as hell, great conversation and she pretty much is down for me. But we aren't having sex. . . -___- She even claims shes a virgin (which I really don't believe but hey). We learn in Psychology that sex is a human NEED, so she's basically forcing me to go outside of our unsaid commitment to have a need fulfilled. . . I already have as a matter of fact (whoops) and I am not really remorseful from doing that, because the girl I had sex with, is just that, a girl I had sex with. . .


  2. men are not lowkey superficial lol... we are all the way superficial until we find substance. I think thats where things stray. We get involve cuz she looks good externally but external beauty can only get you so far then we start stepping out looking for what we dont have.
    then again some of us are straight up greedy. We love cake and theres nothing better than some brand new buns every now and then LOL