Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something To Ponder... Caught Slippin Edition


Monday, August 23, 2010

The Gluteus Maximus... A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Even J. McCain can't get enough of that ass!
O.M.G. !!! The ass, booty, phatty, donk, butt, or whatever you want to call it has ALWAYS been one of the true "Wonders" of the world UNIVERSE. I mean it defies all laws of newton,  physics, gravity, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, EVERYTHING ! And women REALLY don't understand the power that lies within those back pockets. Even men of other races have caught on to the phenomena in which they expect the women of their race to even be sporting a phatty. (Yes even the Asians) I mean the "Ass" plays an important role in our society, so much in fact if you ain't got one (as a woman), then you pretty much a runner-up in the dating game...
Don't believe me ???

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh What You Didn't Know ?!

What if I told you that a moment in history was not what you thought is was?
What if I told you that THE history that we know now is wrong beyond absolute belief ?
What if I told you that YOUR black leaders are some of the biggest turncoats in history?

Sounds farfetched? Dr. Steve Cokely breaks this down simply. I even did more information on this myself and the puzzle pieces fit perfectly. Grab a glass of your favorite beverage (i.e. alcohol), you smokers fire one up and watch these videos...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And You Wonder Why They Call You Bitch...

What you're reading right now, really doesn't mean anything, I just feel that this is an epic post that you're about to read. So, I felt that you really need to understand the mood I'm in as I write this. *Puts on Aston Martin Music (Drake Version), Pours glass of Beviamo Moscato d'Asti, lights Quorum Cigar* You guys, ESPECIALLY the ladies should enjoy this. So sit back,  relax and enjoy this mental pharmaceutical as I get you intellectually high.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Top 5 Ways A Man Gets Strung Out Over A Woman

What's good everybody? I know I been "ghost" for a minute, but I had to take a well deserved hiatus from blogging for a minute... My mind was going everywhere, and I needed a breather before it exploaded. Anyways,  one night I was being pensive, subermerged in the nostalgia of women. When I asked myself, (an acute lover of "The Woman") what is it that makes us men, get so "strung-out" (pussy wipped) over women. I mean we know the obvious, (in which I will state late) but I feel that it is not enough. I think that there is a combinatin of things, a sort of equation to how men are "suckered" into the female, that once begins it is hard to remove him from the trap.

Gentlemen, when one of your boy's gets ghost from the clique, wwhen he doesn't answer calls, hell, even when he starts to look like a attic in the streets (females can do it to you), he has it bad in the worse way (No Usher). These are the reasons...

Seeing Is Believing

What up y'all? In the midst of all the information I've given EVERY Friday here, people are still blind to what's going on in the world, therefore I'm giving some of the most blatant facts and information to why the Illuminat exist. Hopefully if you didn't believe before your mind will recognize that nothings impossible in our Universe...

Let's begin...

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Johnson Monologues: Commencement

Well I'm a couple of blogs in, so its only inevitable that I, The Royal Entity, speak on a topic that is near, and dear to my heart... SEX. Only I feel that my first post (of many of this upcoming series), shouldn't be about act of sex, but the unsung heroes of sex. Who is that you ask? The MAN no excuse me, the male Phallus. {Disclaimer: Some words I use here today may be offensive, or improper (for lack of better terms) but really... who gives a flying f*kk ?!) Ladies THE UNIVERSE understands the all of the wonders of your vagina (i.e. pu$$y, snatch, twat, candy jar, you get the picture) and the "power" of it, but I think that our penis (I.e. dick, cock, man meat, Schlong, Pennis The Menace, again, you get the picture) doesn't get enough of the credit it deserves therefore this is the Commencement of "The Johnson Monologues," part 1.                                       

"You see there are three powerful things I got, yet hard to get... my mind, my words, and my Dick..."

More Than Music Pt.1

So I know by now, with all of the things I've been posting EVERY FRIDAY, you guys should get the picture on how the Illuminati controls all aspects of our Global Society.  Therefore, I felt that its time to tap into the industry in which they have a great influence on... THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. Today I'm just gonna do an introductory phase and discuss, give concrete evidence to show you that the music you listen to has been infiltrated sending you subliminal messages to your subconscious mind. Today you will discover why your favorite artists have been puppets to the Illuminati agenda just to dumb you down, brainwash you, and to even participate in rituals while you haven't realized it. The industry is not what you think. Its MORE THAN MUSIC !

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Public Service Announcement 2

Some of the things I may say here is going to offend individuals, some of the things I say here today may anger individuals, some of the things I say may cause individuals to send me subliminally comments on social networks, (seeing that's the "in" thing to do smh) some of the things I mention today might get me addressed as a "hater" (or any other synonymous term), hell... some of the things on here people just aren't gonna like, but most of all... some of the things I mention here today is going to make you feel as I'm talking to you... Yeah YOU... Because that's just how fcuked up you are, that you think I'm talking to you because you're already guilty of the things I have not yet stated. But as I once said, if you do feel yourself conjuring any of the emotions I have stated above I would like you to understand that I... the Royal Entity gives not one... not two... not three (not even)... but four FCUKS about what you think nor feel. I ask that you take these words as inspiration to allow whatever deity you believe in to take the wheel of your mothership of life (Jesus take the wheel for most of you all), because you are doing nothing short of causing a myriad of issues, and creating a TERRIBLE name for women everywhere... but before I blabber on, this is just a ...

Things People Don't Think About

We live in a society that teaches individuals not to think, thus, allowing them to never utilize their full brain capacity, allows them to become lazy mentally, but most of our society has conceptualize individuals to never question anything or to "go against the grain" but to accept everything as is, as the "Universal Truth." But guess what ladies and gentlemen? You must understand that some of the "truths" that have been taught to us have indeed been lies. Some of the things that we have been taught has only been taught to program us mentality to believe that "everything is the way it is because, THAT"S JUST THE WAY IT IS" But that is an absolute lie. It has come time to not leave it up to television and media to govern the way we think but for us as individuals to take back the GOD given ability that was handed down to us by the MOST HIGH, that ability... TO THINK ! So as teachers used to Ironically say in grade school, (although this statement was so trivial back then. lol)

Turn those thinking caps on !

These are the things people rarely think about!