Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And You Wonder Why They Call You Bitch...

What you're reading right now, really doesn't mean anything, I just feel that this is an epic post that you're about to read. So, I felt that you really need to understand the mood I'm in as I write this. *Puts on Aston Martin Music (Drake Version), Pours glass of Beviamo Moscato d'Asti, lights Quorum Cigar* You guys, ESPECIALLY the ladies should enjoy this. So sit back,  relax and enjoy this mental pharmaceutical as I get you intellectually high.
So I'm sitting at home doing some reading, while skimming various social networks (I.e. Facebook, Twitter) and I see comments, (all from women) that conjure a sort of disgruntled emotion within me. I just didn't understand why I felt the way I did at that time, but now I understand. You see I hold women to a certain esteem, that even they (women) can not fathom. This standard I feel that I feel women should have is so high, so elite, that I feel that they should never fall below his threshold in which I view them in. I remind you that I am not being sexist at all within my thoughts, but I ask you to understand my beliefs in which I feel that women are the closest beings to GODS within our universe. Yes it takes two (a male and a female) to create life, but essentially life and the blueprint of an individual is manipulated (grows and begins) within the female womb. Yet these truths I hold, I forgot as I was reading these repugnant words by these females. As I continued to read, these distasteful comments by these women I felt that something must be said so... I'm gonna say it here today. *Clears Throat* You call yourself a "BAD BITCH," yet you have no luck when it comes to men, nevertheless you ARE a "BAD BITCH" but literally speaking. So you are what you say you are, but anger consumes you when a man calls you a BITCH, yet you wonder why...
 People really don't understand the power of words within the universe. Whether you know it or not, certain words have a distinct meaning regardless of how you use them, regardless if you try to make a positive out of a negative word, the origins of the word is negative. Not to mention the words you use every day bring positivity or negativity towards you, (depending what you say) but I digress...
Merriam Webster defines the word BITCH as :
{1 : the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
2 a : a lewd or immoral woman b : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
3 : something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant
Now, with these definitions being present you can get a understanding of what I mean about the power of words. So in essence when women call themselves a "BAD BITCH," even if they are putting a positive connotation with it, it still has a negative meaning. And not only that, by calling yourself a BITCH you embody the term.  

 To all my "BAD BITCHES" out there, and all of those alike, before make such outlandish accusations about the type of men that come into your life that try to court you, look in the mirror. You're a BITCH, and a BAD one at that, so you are the worse of the worse of the litter (other female dogs). Yet you wonder why you never can get a man. You wonder why men treat you the way they do. You wonder why EVERY time you become interested in a guy in ends up in flames. Have actually thought that maybe its not that all of these guys conspire to be against you, but MAYBE its possible for YOU, bitch, to be the problem. But then again you ARE a "BAD BITCH" so, its only right that YOU ARE the problem. Maybe if you all took a step back and reaccessed yourselves you would see the faults that you all possessed so you would make the necessary changes to the GODDESSES that you are. Stop blaming men for all the problems that you have in relationships or in the dating scene in general, is not a mistake that you get the same results with EVERY guy. The only reoccurring factor in the equation is YOU. Make a change for the better, you are not A "BAD BITCH" you're something greater on a much grander stage, you are a GODDESS, a QUEEN and nothing less. Lastly, please understand that if you continue to call yourself a "BAD BITCH", we're (men) gonna continue to call you A BITCH too... Just Saying...  and you will be a "BAD BITCH" alright, just not the one you think...



  1. Fuck bitches, get money. lmao
    (And i mean that in both aspects lol)