Monday, August 23, 2010

The Gluteus Maximus... A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Even J. McCain can't get enough of that ass!
O.M.G. !!! The ass, booty, phatty, donk, butt, or whatever you want to call it has ALWAYS been one of the true "Wonders" of the world UNIVERSE. I mean it defies all laws of newton,  physics, gravity, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, EVERYTHING ! And women REALLY don't understand the power that lies within those back pockets. Even men of other races have caught on to the phenomena in which they expect the women of their race to even be sporting a phatty. (Yes even the Asians) I mean the "Ass" plays an important role in our society, so much in fact if you ain't got one (as a woman), then you pretty much a runner-up in the dating game...
Don't believe me ???
Bill Cosby even love him some pudding pop booty !

 You see there are a few facts of life that I have noticed that has come into play as the "Booty" has made its reign of domination unto the opposite sex but most of all... SOCIETY...
Just listen... *Clears Throat*
3. Booty Pop
This little creation right here, just lets me know that the Ass has taken over as the preferred "area" on a woman's body. I straight up laughed when I first seen this debauchery, this travesty to men everywhere. SMH The bad thing about it is that that have actually coerced women to believe and feel that this is sexy, blindly forgetting that no matter what man you're with, if it comes down to that blissful, sexual encounter, and it get's heated, you HAVE to take your pants off and when you do... (wait for it)... #DEALBREAKER

2. ButtaFaces
Now I can't flex, (I.e. Lie, misinterpret, mislead) everything about this woman is delicious... FROM THE NECK DOWN. This has become a GREAT epidemic in these streets (society). For real... "That Booty" is the only thing that makes a guy an unattractive girl NOW has potential. "THAT ASS" makes a 4 look like a 8. But that WHOPPA-CHOPPA (extremely large and enticing gluteus maximus) makes any girl attractive on the worse day, and when you add liquor to this entire equation, it gets, much, much worse. These women are silent but deadly, the fly under the radar, and are known to get men tangled in their web. And what is their most potent weapon? Their posterior, of course !
 1. Myspace Twitter Models

Now I don't even know this woman, and I'm pretty sure she's a decent girl, (even with "Sweet Cheeks" tatted on her ass {*holding in laughter*}. But I'm pretty sure if this were her avatar on twitter she would have at least a stack (1,000) of followers without evening saying a word. Even with that roll of bacon on her back, niggaz don't care. All they see is that "Sweet Cheeks" (no pun intended).  This type of women irk (displease) me the most out of women with Ass. Not because they're showing off their ass but because they're using they are "Trying Too Hard." Its kinda like the saying , "your aura proceeds itself." {MESSAGE: Ladies if you have a P.H.A.T. (pretty hot and tempting) there is no need to show it were gonna see it anyways.} Although these women do the most devious things for attention, they do prove, "That Ass" is powerful.
Since were on the topic... A Big Rest In Peace to the CAREER of one of the most infamous Myspace no, Twitter, damn, not that one... *thinking*.... YOUTUBE models... WHO YOU ASK?! BETTY BUTT Formerly of Twirkteam... (At least one of them got some damn sense)

So kiddos... What do you guys think? What are your opinions of the power of the posterior? Talk to me...

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