Friday, August 6, 2010

The Johnson Monologues: Commencement

Well I'm a couple of blogs in, so its only inevitable that I, The Royal Entity, speak on a topic that is near, and dear to my heart... SEX. Only I feel that my first post (of many of this upcoming series), shouldn't be about act of sex, but the unsung heroes of sex. Who is that you ask? The MAN no excuse me, the male Phallus. {Disclaimer: Some words I use here today may be offensive, or improper (for lack of better terms) but really... who gives a flying f*kk ?!) Ladies THE UNIVERSE understands the all of the wonders of your vagina (i.e. pu$$y, snatch, twat, candy jar, you get the picture) and the "power" of it, but I think that our penis (I.e. dick, cock, man meat, Schlong, Pennis The Menace, again, you get the picture) doesn't get enough of the credit it deserves therefore this is the Commencement of "The Johnson Monologues," part 1.                                       

"You see there are three powerful things I got, yet hard to get... my mind, my words, and my Dick..."

I'm not the only guy that feels like this, perhaps, there are many more gentleman that understand this fact and agree with it wholeheartedly that, if ever, I may never possess the riches of the world or in some freakishly fashion lose all the knowledge I've attained, that my Dick would still remain and still be invincible in this game... of life. I feel like the Peter's. Johnson's and Dick's of the world don't necessarily receive their due. All we hear about growing up, is being "Pussy Whipped," "Cunt Struck," more terms thereof that shows that pussy that makes men look like fools.  Its like they hold the Pussy to a higher regard as if the Dicks are lack thereof. Like the Dicks come second place cause the Pussies are so great... just because. Now I must admit that Pussy can have you crazy, make the hardest worker sluggish, make an ambitious man lazy. Real gentlemen, understand that Pussy is almost like a drug, addictive nature, and sometimes its hard to kick . But eventually the weakest man can recover, (Word To Eminem) but its hard for a woman to come back from THAT Dick. If Pussy is a drug, then Dick is definitely a disease. I mean its so viscous, so malicious, (and to women so delicious lol) yet its effects are stealthy, so unseen. Ladies never get a rash, a cough, a bump, not even a sneeze.  The concept is metaphysical, so original, that to some its hard to understand, but real Gentleman understand that THIS fact completes the true essence of a man. Before I state its powers, once again, ladies, let me give Pussy its props, we all (MEN, hell even some Women too) love it, adore it, do anything for it, but understand when it comes to THAT Dick, its too legit to quit (Word to MC Hammer). Jay-Z and R. Kelly preached about the  POWER of the P.U.S.S.Y. but NO ONE ever speaks on the POWER of the D.I.C.K. Don't get me wrong, Kels and Jay spoke on some truth, but the POWER of the Dick is something that no woman can relate. For example, the Dick does some malicious damage when its good, but its Deadly when its great. Females are naturally emotional creatures, so naturally every emotion they encounter, every day, every minute, every second, they feel. These feelings they possess are so strong, that it often times affect the way they think, it amazes us men so much 
that often times it seems so surreal. Aretha Franklin said she wanted to, "give him something he can feel, to let him know that this (her) love is real" But when The Dick touches the woman, of course its something she can feel in a literal sense, but afterwords we (men) know she's gonna lose all of mental sense; and she's not gonna ever be the same since... THAT Dick touched her. No doctor, no psychic, no hypnotist could ever formulate the diagnosis, in which 
 the state the women is in after the Dick has done its deed. Like I stated earlier its something that you cannot see, even if you looked "in-between the lines" is something you still can't read. Most men have this power, yet some don't even know it, they often ever realize it and wonder why their lives are so stoic. So ladies you're somewhat lucky in that sense, but its a curse within the same. Because having someone with gifts, but fails to realize them or use them are often mundane, one in the same. So as I conclude, ladies and gentlemen I note again that this POWER of the Dick is true. Its something like a monopolistic takeover, having women doing things they never thought they would do. I ask that Gentlemen become more aware of yourselves, and ladies please understand that my words today, although minimal, are far from simple. In which if you DO NOT take heed, (to a wise, intelligent) gentleman you WILL fall victim. Now I as I exit, I ask that these words, you remember (regarding me) are so legit, there are three things I possess, that for a woman is hard to get... Those things are my mind, my words, and my DICK.

- The Royal Entity 

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