Friday, August 6, 2010

More Than Music Pt.1

So I know by now, with all of the things I've been posting EVERY FRIDAY, you guys should get the picture on how the Illuminati controls all aspects of our Global Society.  Therefore, I felt that its time to tap into the industry in which they have a great influence on... THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. Today I'm just gonna do an introductory phase and discuss, give concrete evidence to show you that the music you listen to has been infiltrated sending you subliminal messages to your subconscious mind. Today you will discover why your favorite artists have been puppets to the Illuminati agenda just to dumb you down, brainwash you, and to even participate in rituals while you haven't realized it. The industry is not what you think. Its MORE THAN MUSIC !

Before I continue on, I ask that you all go onto this with a open mind, that is, if you don't believe, if you are a believer of anything I've been telling you since I started this blog, prepare for what I'm about to show you. Understand that there is NO such thing as coincidences but everything that happens is NOT ON ACCIDENT ! 

If you look at any of these videos you will see that, its no coincidence about the Illuminati influence in music. Furthermore, this influence is beginning to increase in become very apparent in mainstream music. And it's just beginning people...

For Example...

You can figure the rest out on your own, although the visuals are nice, there is clearly something going on in this video that I don't like. The piece in Kanye's Necklace is the Egyptian God Horus. Look up Horus in reference to the Illuminati and you will see what I mean.

I ask that you all please comment, ask questions, or just say how you feel about this. Let me know your thoughts... Get at me... It has definitely gotten serious...

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