Monday, August 2, 2010

Public Service Announcement 2

Some of the things I may say here is going to offend individuals, some of the things I say here today may anger individuals, some of the things I say may cause individuals to send me subliminally comments on social networks, (seeing that's the "in" thing to do smh) some of the things I mention today might get me addressed as a "hater" (or any other synonymous term), hell... some of the things on here people just aren't gonna like, but most of all... some of the things I mention here today is going to make you feel as I'm talking to you... Yeah YOU... Because that's just how fcuked up you are, that you think I'm talking to you because you're already guilty of the things I have not yet stated. But as I once said, if you do feel yourself conjuring any of the emotions I have stated above I would like you to understand that I... the Royal Entity gives not one... not two... not three (not even)... but four FCUKS about what you think nor feel. I ask that you take these words as inspiration to allow whatever deity you believe in to take the wheel of your mothership of life (Jesus take the wheel for most of you all), because you are doing nothing short of causing a myriad of issues, and creating a TERRIBLE name for women everywhere... but before I blabber on, this is just a ...

Once again I have become slightly perturbed by the malicious ignorance perpetuated by these hoes (not the literal term of whore, used as a pronoun for woman) in society.  I mean its come time for someone just to be up front and keep it real with these bitches (Disclaimer: I'm not calling EVERY woman a bitch, just the ones I'm referring to because they indeed, portray the street definition of the term "bitch") I mean these ladies are really contaminating the image of the beautiful QUEENS, the MOST HIGH has this Earth with. Most of all, I feel bad for this women because they, are ignorant because they not what they do. They are lost in a whirlwind of emotions, taught how to feel, how to think, what's beautiful and what's not beautiful when everything they need to know is honestly is found from within. These women allow for men to develop the B.A.N. Syndrome, (that I spoke about previously) that causes a myriad of problems. So as I always do let me applaud all of the women out there who make all of the heterosexual men out there excited to know that REAL women exist. Kudos to you for our hormones, go off like fireworks (no Aubrey Graham) whenever you all are around.

So Lets Begin...

As I stated in my past PSA, this may seem like like a list of some sort but I could not think of any other way to get my point across. If you find yourself doing more than THREE things on this list, #BitchUAshy (Look above for definitions of the use of the word "Bitch") (You twitterheads should have fun with this) You are not making a positive contribution as a "woman" into society, and therefore CHANGE (No Barack Hussein) is necessary immediately to insure the positive progression of yourself as an individual and as a contributor to society to insure that Love & Positivity is dispersed to every living being around you. 

Ladies the point is to be Classy not ASHY !!! LOL

1. If you always hate on relationships. #BitchUAshy

2. If you always talk down on men and wonder why you can find one. #BitchUAshy

3. If you talk down on men and often long for a companion yet still don't have one. #BitchUAshy

4. If you partake in hoeish activities, yet don't understand that you're a whore. #BitchUAshy

5. If you don't even realize you're a whore. #BitchUAshy

6. If you can't accept that you're a whore. #BitchUAshy

7. If more people speak to you on online social networks, than in life. #BitchUAshy

8. If you take scantily clad photos just to get more followers or friends on social networks. #BitchUAshy

9. If your pictures on the internet display your ass or breasts more than your face and YOU

10. If you clarify yourself as a model but take bathroom mirror pics. #BitchUAshy

11. If you fail to perform Fellatio and make up any excuse as to why you're not other than, " I have lockjaw." #BitchUAshy

12. If you look down on the act of fellatio. #BitchUAshy

13. If you do not embrace the act of fellatio. #BitchUAshy

14. If you can not understand that this will ALWAYS be a masculine ruled society. #BitchUAshy

15. If you only know your baby's father, boyfriend, pretty much anyone that's sexing you by his street name (I.e. "Black", Man-Man, j-Bo) #BitchUAshy

16. If you call yourself a bitch or a barbie,  in ANY way. #BitchUAshy

17. If you let a guy, bust on your face, (purposely). #BitchUAshy

18. If you look up to Nikki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose #BitchUAshy

19. If you smoke cigarettes.  #BitchUAshy

20. Kat Stacks <- any affiliation or behavior that exudes her persona...  #BitchUAshy

21. If you're a whore that talks about other whores...  #BitchUAshy

22. If you a female that exhibits the quality of "thirst" #BitchUAshy

23. MOST OF ALL If you don't understand that you're one of THE MOST HIGH'S most precious creations. #BitchUAshy 

 Some things I've just said may have offended you, somethings I've said may have rubbed you the wrong way, hell some things I've say may have even changed your opinion on this blog, so I understand if you're mad but as my good friend says...




  1. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to post your opinion on the world wide web and open yourself up to positive and negative comments from known and annoymous viewers. It takes alot of confidence to write on a public forum.

    Okay, with that said (lol), I agree that we live in a masculine dominanted society. So women are being molded into the idea of what being a woman is by male idealism. We are told to act, speak (or not to speak), what is consider classy or skanky, what is expected of us when we are single, girlfriends, wives, and even mistresses. I know a lot of people disagree with this view, but we are govern by the idea of what a man considers a perfect woman. So with that being said, what makes a woman a hoe/whore? I always present this question to men and women, because no one has a clear understanding of what a hoe/whore is? A) Is it a girl who has many sexual partners B) She talks about her sexual experiences with many people? C) She has sex with her previous sex partners associates or friends? D) She is too knowledgeable about sex?

    I never really got the idea of a "Hoe/whore". The first time I heard it, it was because a 14 year old girl was having sex with a boy 3 years older than her. I hear girls being called "hoes" because they are assumed to have sex at an earlier age than men or before marriage, because they have more than 1 sex partner, because they dress and talk a certain way, and a number of other reasons.

    Of course this is all just my opinion, but I feel that men hold a large amount of power over the word "hoe" and using it so loosely with no real definition behind makes this post a little hard to understand. I mean if we were to get literal, we could say that every girl you are referring to is getting paid for her services. And there is no denying that. But I don't think you are referring to monetary or substance gain from sexual activity. I think instead you are talking about the act itself and the view that male dominated society has cast on the belief of women having many sexual partners. That idea I don't agree with, I do not deny male dominancy in society, but I do disagree with the restraints on women sexually. I do like the articles though!


  2. Although I appreciate your long comment, and just your comment in general, I feel that you felt as if I was calling women "hoes" in which I wasn't. If you go above within the first paragraph, I wasn't using the word hoe synonymous with "whore" I was using it as a scolding pronoun.