Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Respect The Grind !!!

F.L.Y. TV Episode 2

I shine cause I grind, I ain't gotta steal or rob... 
-Crime Mob  'Shine Cause I Grind'

These words embody the guy, that is C.J., Fly Jr, THEE Fly Guy, or whatever you shall call this young man. The guy hit the grounds running at 100mph and he's only just beginning. Working on so many projects at once is an task that may seem impossible to the average individual, yet "Fly Guy" is handling tasks with such simplicity. Bliss Skate Co, Nanotech Cell Phone watches, and Music are just some of his recent endeavors, not to mention a Men's Fragrance entitled "Swag" coming to the public pretty soon. If you can't respect anything this guy does, one thing you can MUST respect is the GRIND. I believe that no matter what this guy touches on, HE WILL SUCCEED, because through the GRIND he SHINES...

Fly Guy You are #EntityApproved  
#Winning LOL.

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