Monday, August 2, 2010

Things People Don't Think About

We live in a society that teaches individuals not to think, thus, allowing them to never utilize their full brain capacity, allows them to become lazy mentally, but most of our society has conceptualize individuals to never question anything or to "go against the grain" but to accept everything as is, as the "Universal Truth." But guess what ladies and gentlemen? You must understand that some of the "truths" that have been taught to us have indeed been lies. Some of the things that we have been taught has only been taught to program us mentality to believe that "everything is the way it is because, THAT"S JUST THE WAY IT IS" But that is an absolute lie. It has come time to not leave it up to television and media to govern the way we think but for us as individuals to take back the GOD given ability that was handed down to us by the MOST HIGH, that ability... TO THINK ! So as teachers used to Ironically say in grade school, (although this statement was so trivial back then. lol)

Turn those thinking caps on !

These are the things people rarely think about!

 1. Out of all the history that has happened on this (American) land why does the education system focus so hard on the white history?

2. Why is the military funding more proficient than education funding?

3.Why do black people go so hard about racism but yet we have an inner race racism simplex (light-skinned VS. dark-skinned) ? Yet NO OTHER race does this to their own people.

4. Cigarettes are a known killer of millions every year, so does alcohol, marijuana does minor harm, yet there hasn't been any medically related death using this herb, but why does it continue to be outlawed?

5. Beyond this vast universe that was created by the MOST HIGH, why do people believe that we (humans) are the only living beings?

6. Who actually comes up with the fads?

7. Why is society becoming more androgynous by the passing years?

8. If college is supposed to be "higher" education and going is supposed to benefit individuals, why are there people with doctorate and master degrees working at Payless shoes (just an example)?

9. Why and when did the trend of 3-D movies come back as such a popular thing?

10. Scenario: Team A Plays Team B in a basketball game, both teams pray before the game, says the exact same thing, prays to exact same GOD, both teams have the same karma level before the game (meaning they are on the same level as far as blessings are concerned), yet Team B wins the game. Sure talent could have been a possible outcome, but pretty much in every religion it states that if you ask it shall be given to you, yet on this night one team was left out. Why is that?

11. How exactly do you know your religion is the "right" religion? In someones Else's eyes you are damned  just like they are damned to you so who exactly is right or wrong?

12. #Truths... GOD is the creator of everything, GOD is all knowing and all seeing, therefore he/she knows the future of everything. SO if Lucifer is the suspected creator of Evil, and God created Lucifer does that make GOD the originator of sin and evil? Isaiah 45:7 (King James Version) specifically states  "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."

13.  How do all the guns get into the inner city (the hood) ?

14. How did inner city drug dealers to possess the knowledge to make cocaine into crack ?

15. How did Cocaine get into the inner city in the first place?

16.When did stripping or acting as strippers become acceptable?

17. Christianity was used as a ploy for blacks to come to America, why don't many Black Christians understand that Christianity wasn't their original religion?

18. If Africa is the most resource wealthiest continent, then why does it have the poorest countries? 

19. Why do people pay lawyers for something that being a citizen of a country mandates you to do (know the law)?

20. Our country has once held slaves legally, segregated races that were of the non-European decent, not to mention mass murdered many races of Non-European decent, and publicly targeted leaders of the Ethnic background, therefore why do many people put so much trust in our government?

21. When you have a bad service you ask for a refund or don't pay for that service it right? SO when our Government has clearly been "slippin" (i.e. not up to par, or not holding up on their end of the bargain) on certain things, why do you continue to pay taxes? (not to mention taxes aren't even legal.)

On to a more lighter note...

21. Why don't Twerk Team just go ahead an strip?

22. Why do artist sign with P. Diddy understanding his track record of ALL his artists?

23. Why call a perm a perm, isn't it temporary ?

24. Why does Rick Ross call himself Ricky Rose' ? Rose' is a type of bubbling sweet wine, therefore would he be calling himself Ricky Sweet Wine?

25. Gucci Mane used to call himself Gucci Mane La Flare, isn't that translated in Gucci Mane "The Flame" ?

26. What are the point of pole dancing classes if you not stripping ?

27. Why when niggaz get on camera the first thing they say is, "It's ya boy (________)" ?

28.  Why is the Peace Sign, pointing, and the middle finger, universal photo poses? 

29. When did strippers (shoutout to Onyx, Magic City) become respected?

30. Why do women only tell half truths?

Ex: Girl 1: Did you sleep with him?

Girl 2: Naw, He just ate me out... (giggles)

Actual Events: He performed oral on her followed by oral performed by her, then casual sex.

Which Brings  me to my next post coming up next...

PSA: Women's Edition

What did you guys think ? Did I leave anything out? What would you all add?

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