Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Double Standard: There Is No Such Thing (part 1)

For a minute now I've been preaching why there is no such thing as a double standard and why I do not believe in the definition of "Double Standard" , but here today I will give you a some sort of clarity as to why I have this thought process. The "Double Standard" I feel, gives women to act less then what they were intended to be... Less than GODS but more than HUMAN. In other words, the the woman is the closest mortal being that is GOD- like.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Fall Classic: Not Talking About Baseball

Yesterday was the first day of the Fall, a season that brings new beginnings for all who live within this Earth realm. The start of the fall brings the change of a hot climate to a cool climate, shorter days and longer nights, and even the start of love amongst the sexes. Although know the temperatures are going the drop, Jay R Da Star's release of his new mixtape Fall Season might have guaranteed the fall is gonna be a little hotter than normal.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Know I'm Not The Only One...

So last night, I was watching Cruel Intentions (One of My Favorite Movies) so I began to think to myself, what a great movie it is. Then Subconsciously, my mind began to wonder...

My Answer...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why I Hate People... (At Times)

Maybe I'm venting. Maybe I'm going through a transitional phase in my life, maybe I'm just angry for no reason, but one things for sure certain days when I wake up, look at the news, look on social networks, (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) but most of all, step outside of my front door into the "Real World" I know for sure that "people" disgust me in the most disturbing fashion. For lack of better words, I lose hope for all of humanity...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sidepice, Sidechick, 2nd String, Back -Up, Whatever You Wanna Call Em, Their #WINNING

The saying used to be, "That if he did it to me, what makes you think that he won't do it to you." WRONG Ladies in 2010 you have to MUST cuff (take special watch, observe his surroundings, protect from other women) your man. Why do you ask? Because in 2010 the Sidepieces (The other women a man uses to fulfill his extra desires or to complete a void or lack of something within his relationship.) are #WINNING!
 "I won four awards, Best Oral, No Nagging Award, Snatch of The Year Award, Co- Sidepiece of the Year Award, do you really think Mashonda had a chance ?!" Comments After the Come-Up Awards..