Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Double Standard: There Is No Such Thing (part 1)

For a minute now I've been preaching why there is no such thing as a double standard and why I do not believe in the definition of "Double Standard" , but here today I will give you a some sort of clarity as to why I have this thought process. The "Double Standard" I feel, gives women to act less then what they were intended to be... Less than GODS but more than HUMAN. In other words, the the woman is the closest mortal being that is GOD- like.

Disclaimer: { I wrote this because I feel like this needs to be said. I feel like women don't understand their true worth because of how society and the media has perpetuated how women supposed to be versus how they NEED to be. Maybe, my insight would lead to the spark that will change how women view themselves forever}

First and foremost, let me explain why I feel that women are the closest thing to GODS on this Earth. Women, (I Feel) all women whether or not they are able to bare children or not were blessed with the ability to create life and nurture it. {Even a woman who can not bare children still possess that nurturing ability that's only GOD-given} But for the other women who can bare children, they are special. Yes, it takes two to create a life but that life is created within the woman, and it grows and has a special attachment to that woman. Not only because of the biological factors that are present during the creation of life between a man and woman, but because of the spiritual factors that exist between the woman and her young. Simply put the MOST HIGH, creates us, yet embeds everything about us, our past, our present, our future all in the womb of a woman. 
 That's power. The bond we share with our CREATOR , (scaled down to size) can be compared to the bond we share with our mothers, in essence its kind of like we are both imprinted (#NoTwilight) on each other; just like ALL of us  with THE MOST HIGH. Seeing that the woman was granted this power and responsibility it would seem if they would hold a rather esteemed feeling and understand the power in which they hold. Instead they rather loathe in the petty, invaluable vices that men enjoy. And once they see that men do not accept that they want to enjoy in those same vices they claim those terrible two words are because of that, "Double Standard." Now before you ladies out there think, "Royal that's not fair !" or "If a man can do it I can do it too." No that is definitely not the case my beautiful queens. You see I feel like (from a metaphysical perspective) if men and women were supposed to be the same and enjoy the same luxuries or vices we would be blessed with like features the only thing separating us would be our genitalia. You see the MOST HIGH knew what he/she was doing, during the creation of man and woman. You see ladies, its not our (Man's) plan to keep you all down, or keep you away from doing things, but you were created for a much greater purpose (I feel) than us men. The MOST HIGH blessed each and every one of you with a sense of purity that we (men) don't possess because you all are the world's life bringers. The MOST HIGH granted us the physicality, aggressiveness, and assertive nature to protect what would be our blessing... YOU (the woman) Sometimes we may exert this energy in the improper fashion (i.e. mindless sex with random women) but that does not mean you are supposed to do the things we do. I by any means am not trying to justify what we as men do, (because in essence it is not fair that we engage in things that if you would do, you would be looked down upon) I just want you all to understand that as created different, and blessed with different gifts, it is impossible (from a metaphysical, spiritual, and physical perspective) for us to do the same things in life. Its deeper than what you think...  

To be Continued... 


  1. hmm..i wish this post actually said something substantial. you haven't explained your views at all, and it' such a shame because it started out so well but you ruined it with "I just want you all to understand that as created different, and blessed with different gifts" and "it is impossible (from a metaphysical, spiritual, and physical perspective) for us to do the same things in life" there was no logic, no real reasoning. Just repackaged cliche.
    It also sounds like you just worked out that women carry children and give birth (which is a redundant point to make) - we give birth to sons too and if you're going to be all circle of life about everything there is no way that a son could subjugate his mother..metaphysically and physically.

    Try again but go deeper this time.

    "the daughter of a lion is a lion"

  2. That's why there is two dumb ass, don't mind her Royal... Good post

  3. When reading this, it made me think about a lot of things. Yes, women and men will never be equal in the things that we can do. You say that you don't believe in the definition of double standard. What you commented on is that your only reason as to why you dont believe it? A woman being a nurturer and child bearer says that we cannot do what it is that men can do? I don't agree with the whole double standard crap. The most common double standard is clearly sexual. A woman who wants to have relations with more than one man is viewed as a hoe/slut/whore/etc but a man that does the same thing is viewed as okay or he is a player (or whatever yall wanna call it now). Why should who im having sex with make a difference when it comes to establishing a relationship if there is no "real" harm. Sexuality/physicality and mentality/emotions are not comparable.