Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eddie L. Long: Living Proof of The Fallacies of The Black Church

Eddie L. Long the L is for "LONGSTROKE"
Ok y'all knew it was comin...

 Before I start off, I would like you all to know that the picture above was NOT doctored by any means. I simply found it online and its more evidence to why "The Bishop" isn't as Holy as his "Disciples" may have led to believe. I mean whould your pastor take a picture like this?

Public Service Announcement

Boy, they are in that ass (no pun intended), aren't they Eddie Long ?

The situation at hand has really exposed the black church for what it is. A bunch of individuals captivated with false faiths and beliefs hell bent on believing in something so much that they neglect universal truths surrounding them. I say that to say that the MOST HIGH (from whom all of OUR blessings flow) has a way of reminding us who is really in charge of the lives we live. You see, people are in disbelief or, in denial of you will, but many of New Birth's devoted followers worshiped and still do worship Eddie "Longstroke" Long. (I'm sorry its too comical not to say. LMAO! ) You don't believe me, look at the establishment that he has built as a pastor. Look at the lavish lifestyle that he lives as a PASTOR without having ANY OTHER MEANS of WEALTH. And lastly, I feel that as a self-proclaimed missionary it is somewhat selfish for you to live a wealth laden (i.e. loaded with, burdened with, increased with) lifestyle while some if not even most of your congregation live uncomfortably with financial problems. I'm not saying that as a pastor you can not live a life of wealth but driving in luxury cars and having your own private jet is kind of a problem, in my opinion. I feel that Eddie Long (subconsciously) felt (feels) he was larger than life, almost Godly in some respects. Not to mention his congregation treated him as such, and it is evident. The funny thing about this is that this is prevalent within the black religious sector. People tend to forget the doctrines of what they are taught and they tend to focus on the teacher more than the TEACHINGS. Its just something about being a somewhat handsome, charismatic, eloquent, black man in the black community. That formula usually translates into three things, a blind faith in that individual, a major following, and last but definitely not least, DOLLAR SIGNS, you don't believe me, ask Barack Obama. I just don't get it with my people. We are bar none the most religious race but definitely neglect the out right inconsistencies that lie in our religion. Not to mention, we as a people tend to be blinded to the outright wrong that lies in the ways of our "religious leaders" I.e. "Longstroke." This is is a major reason I claim no religion and I am simply spiritual. The funny thing then, is that black people often try to talk down on others beliefs when they possess a blind belief themselves. Before I say this, I note that I do not know all of the facts of life, nor do I know all of the truths in life, but I do believe that I possess some type of knowledge of religion to state that if Black people understood the truth about religion their world would crumble. And I will continue to stand by that statement. This entire Eddie "Longstroke" Long situation should be a wake-up call into the ENTIRE black religious sector.  The question that should be asked is "Do you really know who you are worshiping?!

The question I know y'all wanna know, do I think the accusations are true ?!?!

Men lie, women lie, pictures DON'T ! I really wish these pictures were for the women "Longstroke," but you took them for men. SMH. By the way, was your wife in the room while you were snapping these? Just a question.

So what do you all think hit me up !!! PLEASE COMMENT, I LOVE TO HEAR YOU GUYS' OPINIONS. HOLLA AT ME. 


  1. How would it make things better if the pics were for women???

  2. Once again as always, thanks for your opinion. I always love to see different points of view so Kudos. I agree that people of many races lots of times place their emphasis on the leader of their religious establishment and in doing so, lose sight of the one we should really be worshipping, God/The Source/The Most High/Whatever Name Anyone Calls Him By. This problem not only exists in the African American community but in many races and ethnicities. However, I dont agree with the generalization undertone that this happens in ALL Black churches or that Long represents or New Birth in itself represents the entire Black Religious community because any type of generalization dilutes the argument. That is the only thing that I had a problem with in this writing. I choose spirituality myself over religion because most times it is politically motivated.


    This represents an even larger problem in our community though. In the video the young man talked about how he was so easily manipulated because he longed for that father figure in his life. That in itself to me signals that we have a larger problem on our hands here that we need to deal with outside of a flashy and arrogant (wrong for the leather strip on the sleeve Pastor.)

    Great writing. Keep em coming ;-)

    ~Chevon "Future Mogul" Hines~