Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sidepice, Sidechick, 2nd String, Back -Up, Whatever You Wanna Call Em, Their #WINNING

The saying used to be, "That if he did it to me, what makes you think that he won't do it to you." WRONG Ladies in 2010 you have to MUST cuff (take special watch, observe his surroundings, protect from other women) your man. Why do you ask? Because in 2010 the Sidepieces (The other women a man uses to fulfill his extra desires or to complete a void or lack of something within his relationship.) are #WINNING!
 "I won four awards, Best Oral, No Nagging Award, Snatch of The Year Award, Co- Sidepiece of the Year Award, do you really think Mashonda had a chance ?!" Comments After the Come-Up Awards..

The SidePieces used to be the lower quality of females that just HOPED of taking someone else's man, now they are full fledged snatching women's men up, then proceeding to getting wifed (courting, involving one's self in a serious relationship) by that same guy. Not to mention in more severe cases these ho'z (DISCLAIMER:  as some of you know when I use words as these I don't mean the word "whore" in the literal sense, but this is just a term synonymous for a pronoun describing a group of women. Ex: "Feminists, you "HO'z" calm down, I'm not degrading women.") are even actually becoming more attractive and appealing to the man then the original girlfriend. But why is this actually happening. I mean I thought I had a answer for it at first, but these situations are
too complex, too far'fetched to even imagine that it could possibly happen. I mean in what membrane along what magnitude did anyone ever believe that "the Sidepiece" would once become the "mainpiece"? Simply unexplainable.
One solution to this phenomenon, I thought about was the comments of a friend of mind from high school. I think I'll call her, Vanessa. LOL. Vanessa knowingly I was involved with another women, simply DID NOT CARE. In her own words, (something along these lines) she stated " I don't care about being the other woman. It makes me stress free. In fact I'll be the only woman cause I know my place, I know what the deal is. We're already cool, we all ready have an understanding, so in any and every situation, all I gotta do is *expletive* you and send you on your way. All that drama and other bullsh*t (i.e. arguing, fighting) you can save that for your girl. Ya'll can have that, but when you come to me, you know what it is..." Now hearing this at this time, I was like, DAMN!!! How could be that easy?! But as a young mature gentleman in the world she made perfect sense. Could possibly sideline females everywhere possess the formula for keeping a man's attention or diverting a man's attention away from another female? Or, could it be possible for the sideline chick to have discovered how to excel past mediocrity and become number one in the man of her choice's life.
 I mean really think about it. The Sidepiece used to get this treatment (I.e. Picture Of Jay-Z), now they are getting love. I mean I feel like every woman deserves some love but not at the expense of someone else's man. On the Karmic Level, breaking up happy homes is one of the worse things a woman could do. I know, you all like to think that some of this is the man's fault which it could very well be, but the Biggest reason (my dumbass forgot to write this) why men step out despite what I wrote on WHY MEN CHEAT  IS BECAUSE THERE IS A WOMAN OUT THERE WHO WILL CHEAT WITH HIM. I.E. THE SIDEPIECE. 
Ladies it is more serious out here than you think. Please do not all victim to SidePiece syndrome. You betta suck that thang like you never sucked it before, don't argue over little things, don't nag your man, respect his space, learn to be his bestfriend as well as his girlfriend, and by any means (this goes for guys too)... THE KARDINAL RULE... PLEASE DON'T LET ANY OTHER WOMAN TAKE UP THE SLACK FOR SOMETHING YOU WON'T DO, NOT DOING WELL, OR NOT DOING ENOUGH. WANT TO BE THE BEST YOUR MAN HAS EVER HAD ! Because if you fail to realize this, your man will get took. And there won't be no second chances. Once your man is "swiped" she's not giving him
The classic embodiment of the "Sidepiece"
 back. Ladies do all that you can to prevent this "Sidepiece Syndrome from affecting your relationship, because it is running rampant. Ask Gabrielle Union, Fantasia, Alicia Keys, Superhead (the O.G. Sidepiece). These women have blazed the trail for other women to follow and indeed, the numbers are growing. I still have yet to understand what is going on and I probably won't ever understand all I DO KNOW is that women need to cuff their man in 2010 because the "Sidepieces" are on a mean #winning streak with no hopes of letting up. Can they be stopped ?

Now that you've heard my side of the story, I wanna hear yours. Why are these women winning while the faithfuls are losing. Ladies and gentlemen PLEASE let me hear your opinions. Let the debate begin...



  1. Its like you said, if she won't do it somebody else will. I mean in this time period where we get everything instantly no one wants to spend time grooming a woman on how to do this and that. They want a girl who already knows how and a girl who wont get disgusted when you want to do something "different".

    The only different between the sidechicks back than and the ones now is that they aren't ashamed anymore. Its no longer indecent or "Un-ladylike" to put everything you did on blast or to take a man from someone else. Now a days its consider "getting over" on somebody or "winning".

    What people need to understand is that relationships are not a game, in a relationship their are no winners, losers, or substitutions. If you with that someone, you with them. Not looking around cause you want something better. And a girl shouldn't be sniffing around trying to break something up she ain't got no business in.

    But at the same time, its a man's responsibility too to admit that he's in a dead end relationship and should leave the other girl before going on to the next one. He shouldn't be chasing after another girl ,when his own is at home alone. And trust, if she a real sideline she will leave him anyways after awhile cause with a relationship there's the drama and the arguments. And thats what she was trying to avoid in the first place.

  2. I agree with what you are saying, BUT please realize women can do the same thing and get away with it just as well. What a man can't/won't do for his girl please believe someone else will. What you have be careful wih though as a man is that the guy who's doing your duties may just become their "main piece". That reasoning is because females are emotional so if that guy gets to her in all other aspects including that one then it's a wrap for her man.....just saying.....

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