Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why I Hate People... (At Times)

Maybe I'm venting. Maybe I'm going through a transitional phase in my life, maybe I'm just angry for no reason, but one things for sure certain days when I wake up, look at the news, look on social networks, (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) but most of all, step outside of my front door into the "Real World" I know for sure that "people" disgust me in the most disturbing fashion. For lack of better words, I lose hope for all of humanity...

 I don't understand my own feelings (of why I even feel this way) at time but this thesis has been plaguing me for so long now. People really irk me in a fashion that's unimaginable. For me to be the "socialite" and "people person" I really feel that I am, I feel that my life is a living oxymoron. Its like I love to be around people, but hate it in the same fashion. Not trying to say that I'm better than anyone although it could possibly be true (subconsciously). I feel like I was just created from a different Petri dish than the masses. ( as a matter of fact, that's one of the things I HATE about people, when a individual says, "You think you better than everybody!" Is that really a problem for me to think I'm better than everybody?! I mean, I DO want to be the best IN LIFE, {in general} so, what's wrong with thinking I'm better than you, in which in truth and in fact I might BE better than you, therefore you allowed your own insecurities to surface as you felt "lower" than me. But i digress...)

DISCLAIMER... The following are my OPINIONS (of why I hate people at times) if you somehow become offended and disturbed by any of which I say below, you should allow some form of entity (not Royal, lol), deity, or whatever the F*CK you believe in to take the wheel on your mothership of life. Actually since I used the word "people" and it IS a plural term then I AM probably talking about you so... You should just shut the F*CK up and just listen...

1. People are dumb

2. People are dumb

3. I can't stress enough, the fact that PEOPLE ARE DUMB... as hell

4. People care about things that don't matter

5. People want all the riches, without the work 

6. People will do things KNOWING that it will harm them

7. People have lost touch with the words, FAMILY, LOYALTY, TOGETHERNESS.

8. People Glorify the wrong sh*t.

9. People actually think one religion is better than the other.

10. People have lost touch of what LOVE truly is.

11. People are easily distracted.

12. People love you one day, and hate you the next.

13. People have no since of individuality these days.

14. Honesty and people are NOT synonymous terms.

15. People are selfish

16. People have a tendency to forget where they have come from.

17. People settle for less

18. People are afraid to fail

19. People have lost touch on what it means to dream.

20. People will read this and not actually get what I'm saying.

I just wish and strive for the uplifting of MY "people." Ladies in gentlemen the time is now ! Pass nothing but love and positivity around to each other and lets get back on track to bringing humanity back to what the MOST HIGH intended us to be.

 Wake up "people"


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    Venting:-Sometimes, Id rather just be alone.. Call me antisocial because I appreciate my own company much more than others do theirs..No. Im quite social among people n v. friendly.. I dont see the need to be a bitch/bastard to people like most enjoy to do.. Like really. What a waste of energy! Id rather have a clear head than have my wheel spinning continuously on bitchy nonesense. People wanna take shit in life TOO seriously and choose to over stress themselves for what, a guy/girl? A problem thats gonna pass?? People are fucking stupid. I surviue among a type of friends that talk bad about each other, backstab each other REAL bad n when they come to me for advice, i tell them like it really is because thats what it is BUT, they blind themselves n keep going back at it.. Its really far as im aware, to date, im friends with the people ive practically always been cool with... The ones that I know that KNOW ME n then I just let my enemies be. I wake up everyday to LIVE.. U get me.. I could go on n on...but Id rather go to sleep now..