Monday, October 25, 2010

Damn... The Truth Hurts So Good



*(Moment of Silence)*
This is how I feel right now
This is so INSANE to me. In which I have been trying to understand that concept (of the video) for years and yet its still somewhat of an enigma. Even as I sit here and write to you today I am somewhat enamored for the message that is sent out by the writers of this video. As much as these characters are fictional, they represent the reality in Black male and female relationships. Black women seemingly ALWAYS have a problem with the black man, yet they continue to choose the Black Man who is absolutely wrong for them. I've seen this all my years of life, every year dating back to high school. And I just don't understand why this tradition continues. I myself have been victim of this same logic used by the "New Era" Black Woman and it steadily baffles me. It used to come to a point in which we as the "select group of black men" ask WHAT THE FCUK DO YOU WANT ?! I agree with the video that most black women go along with the notions of what Hip-Hop says or the messages they exert, for lack of better terms. Like for instance Back in the Day Destiny's Child put out so many mixed signals it had these hoez(the ignorant women, i.e. those that can't decipher reality and fiction) out here confused on what they should believe. These bitchez (Destiny's Child) were saying dudes were "Bug-A-Boos" if they were calling too much, telling them to "Say My Name" if they were communicating too less; started out dissing guys if the men couldn't pay their "Bills, Bills, Bills" then later contradicting themselves by saying they were "Independent Women." Then to top it all OFF, these bitchez (Destiny's Child again...) had the AUDACITY to say they want a "Solider" which was a vivid, inappropriate unsuccessful  attempt to somehow make being a thug seem cool. And Black Females, just ate this up (and other forms of debauchery)  like it was crack laden cheesecake. Excuse me for lack for better words but... WHAT THE FUCK?! Then the sad apart about it is, (like the video said) you all got these niggaz (The ignorant men, I.e. those who are followers, and can not make irrational decisions) out here portraying false images, putting on a facade, just to get some attention for you all. As of result for all of this, you walk around with this, "niggaz ain't shit attitude" because some "nigga," "shitted" on you so badly, yet you either keep involving yourself with the guy or the type of guys thereof. And the cycle continues... Even throughout all of this I could NEVER understand why women STILL, to THIS day put themselves through this drama. I know plenty of gorgeous black women who could be with any guy they wanted yet, they either fill they should be pampered to the extreme (i.e. golddiggers) or they choose the deadbeats. Its only a small percentage of black women who are in the middle in regards to this spectrum of black women.  These Black women know they are too good to be treated anyway less than royal, yet understand they should honor their King. I admire YOU women. But the others...
You guys make me feel like this--------------->
Although this video seems like a stereotype, a lot of my Black Women are living up to this stereotype making it a TRUTH. The video was right the Hip-Hop society knows you all like these things so they keep pushing it out, black men with no since of of individuality take it in, and you all fall for it time and time again, then blame it on us, when the root of the problems lies within the black woman. Damn... it sad when an intellectual is looked down upon while a "thug" is praised. Is this what it has really come to? Because when I look out my window, this (the video) is all I see. I know some of you are gonna make excuses for your choices but what's really good?! What's really happening in our relationships?!




  1. well, not all the blame is on women, there are some men who take advantage...Ive meet several that have come across those few women that are in between, doing things right, etc...but these men blatantly just want to fuck, hell ive heard for at least the past 2 years, their not looking for relationships, a g/f etc they just want to fuck...and its not always the thug like video influenced men, most of these are your typical college male, working man, greeks, etc...i mean there are hella ppl now, that say one thing, but act a completely different way...act like a gentleman, but call female bitches whether with your dudes or not, act like they want someone genuine with their stuff together, but these men dont have their shit together, etc trust me its not all women, if you ask females, theyll tell you some fucked, super fucked up experiences and no, not all of these men are these thug like men...

    theres a LOT more that can be said, just tired of typing.

  2. my thing is are you really suggesting that it is the womens fault? hmmm, so good women end up with bad dudes, however its these cowards (i.e. men) who create these situations. honesty will get ppl so far. dont tell a woman what u think she wants to hear and then maybe they can be spared falling for you and ur lies.also, i ask you, royal entity, why is that a man could have the woman of his dreams (good girl, always down for him, smart, beautiful, got it together,etc) but a man will still cheat on her with girls no where near her level, with the excuse "i was being a man"?but the man would go crazy to lose this ideal woman?however we are ridiculed for giving people chances.i dont get it. the problem will always and has always been the MAN. point blank period

  3. i am not the royal entity but for the last comment made, u already said it. ur not technically giving people chances, ur only giving those who are telling you what you want to hear the chance and 9/10 of the time its those males who either have some sort of rank, a high sense of monetary value ($$$, clothes, Shoes, car). Plain and simple: Dont judge a book by its cover, dont be in a relationship for other ppl (meaning be with someone not just b/c everybody knows them or just b/c ur friends like them)& actually practice the saying "actions speak louder than words" instead of just saying that shit.

  4. p.s. look at the video in its entirety

  5. This makes a valid point. But it won't change. People respect ignorance. Thats why reality TV and talk shows have such high ratings. *Epic Shrug*