Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Double Standard: There Is No Such Thing (part 2) FINAL

What's good ladies and gentlemen?! Please excuse the long delay on this part. NO please excuse this long hiatus from me writing. Think of it as my vacation. But no worries, I'm back LIVE and in EFFECT, giving you those mind pharmaceuticals that you been longing for.

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Part 2

"I just want you all to understand that as created different, and blessed with different gifts, it is impossible (from a metaphysical, spiritual, and physical perspective) for us to do the same things in life. Its deeper than what you think... " --- Quote from part 1

I've caught a lot of heat from the first post in which people, WOMEN wanted me to explain or better yet specify the things from the post in which I said. In which, after today's post you all will understand why I feel that there is no such thing as a "Double Standard." In my first post I outlined the divine differences between a man and a woman which showed why the concept of a "Double Standard" proved false. But as I stated above it is "deeper" than we all think. First of all lets note the biological differences between the man and the woman which constitutes why both possess their relative behavior patterns.  Now lets speak of the obvious, a man generates about a million sperm a day, not to mention the root of all of his sexual behavior stems from the chemicals produced within his testes. In addition, add the fact that since the World Population was beginning to be recorded women have ALWAYS outnumbered  Men (look it up). In essence, (if you can't see where I'm going with this) Men were MADE to be with multiple women, or have multiple partners. Even from a biblical standpoint men had multiple wives and concubine on top of that. On the contrary women on the other hand produce ONE egg per ONE MONTH. I feel like this Biological factor corresponds to the female behavior to the opposite sex. Its no mistake women outnumber us, its no mistake women produce ONE egg while we produce millions of sperm, its no mistake we produce hormones that make us aggressive in nature,  while women produce hormones that do the opposite. To even further my argument, IT'S DEFINITELY NO MISTAKE that males were born with a penis and females were born with a vagina. The penis is the phallic symbol of aggression, or dominance over another. Being that the vagina has an inward position it can be only utilized when a woman is on her back (traditionally) or in an submissive position.  I say that to say this, it is not, NOR was it ever meant for a woman to submit to as many men as possible, for the Woman is one of GOD's most precious creatures. I know ladies out there are saying, "Royal we're not submitting to these men we have sex with, its just sex." But ladies you are submitting, you're giving up the most precious thing you possess, not to one guy but many. Once again it may seem like its unfair for men to enjoy this, yet women having to deal with the ridicule of being called a whore, slut, loose, etc, but you can understand why after the facts I listed above. Not to mention with the factor I stated in the first post as you all being the "life bringers" a title so unique in pure, why would you want to share yourself or even think that its ok to share yourself.
In conclusion, I note that I distinctively don't think that the "double standard" should exist because as A man and woman, we are two different creatures, with two different purposes, with two different psyches. We were not made the same, nor were we made to do the same thing nor enjoy the same luxuries. Therefore we must understand to respect these differences and respect why the MOST HIGH created us with these differences. Life would be much easier if we all just respected Universal Ways of life...

I already know this is gonna be a controversial piece so PLEASE comment ! Let me know how you feel. MEN and Women Holler at me !!!



  1. Sounds like your making excuse as to why you/other men should be able to sleep with more than one woman while women should basically as you say submit to one man and take his bs without a word...which to me screams DOUBLE STANDARD.

  2. I agree with the above statement! This just gives YOU, and other men, an excuse to be with more than ONE female! Have fun with that one.....don't miss out on a good one though.

  3. "Entity", I don't know how to begin. However I guess I will just have to go with my most prominent sentiment: Your argument has to be one of the most articulate, however misguided and ignorant arguments I have ever read, to date. Now I must say that personally I enjoy your company (on the few occasions we have been in one another's company)and my comment is not of the "hating" nature more so than it is constructive critique. By all means I do encourage your expression and will most likely continue to read your post. However as I stated above this is a misguided and ignorant post. The male species was not created to indulge in many women. However, from my understanding of the biblical teachings, the mas was created to grow this land and to lead the population into the ordained destiny of our creator. The woman was created from his side "not his crown to be superior nor from his sole to be walked upon." A woman is not created to submit however man and woman are created to honor one another. If a man so chooses to propel himself into the work force and take the role of sole provider of his family then so be it. However woman is not created any differently as a provider. Again man and woman are equal. The biological difference of the two are just that and don't influence behavioral aspects of life what so ever. (Prime example of this fact is homosexuality) Therefore, it is my strong opinion that you are confusing biblical understanding, scientific theology and social acceptance all of which steam from different basis. Which leads me to brand this post as misguided and ignorant. Again I'm not hating on you. I appreciate your stance on this subject and its open door to dialogue. But, at your request, this is my opinion.

    Tiffanie (@iamTLCurry)

  4. Ok so. That was quite an interesting piece but I believe you are culturally contradicting yourself. From a universal, most high stand point. The first man was an Asiatic black man. The way of life in these asiatic cultures were consinguinal (multiple ppl living communal) every male was a father every woman was a mother. Women slept with whom they wanted as did men and this created numerous amounts of offspring creating a dynamic abundance of strong black villages. Then came the European way of life. Protestant thinking. This way of life was to dress a woman (white woman) in all white, create a virgin appeal to her and make her untouchable as he raped multiple black women and called them oversexualized. This Protestant way of life better known as conjugal is the one man one woman tunnel vision that is not only subliminally trained into young girls from cartoon age but is also disciplined by titles such as whore how etc. And is creating and perpetualizing the "Mandingo warrior" ideology. It is very complicated to mix an unwarranted religion with an undefinitive cultural practice. Hence religion is also a way to heathenize the "fair act" by calling it a double standard. Out if all the countries AIDS was created for Africans before any other country heard of it. By coincidence? You are smarter than that. @dreameyes3. But it def sparked some thought. Just very surface. Baby boy mindset. Good job though