Monday, November 8, 2010

Everybody Wanna Be An Asshole... Why?

Excuse me as I GO IN on this...
Oh yea, and if this post offends you... you can just purchase a dildo from your local sex shop, or any blunt shaped object, along with a lubricant of choice, (particularly Astro Glide, the WD-40 of ALL lubrication) and go fcuk yourself, not once but TWICE ... Thanks
There is nothing wrong with being YOURSELF people... Honestly !!!

Excuse my French, the following statement that proceeds this statement is very vulgar and ignorant if you want to take it that far, so without further Adieu... VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED... *clears throat* "I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STAY IN THEIR FCUKIN LANE THESE DAYS !!!" Thank you...

The funny thing about this picture above is that most of you all reading this shouldn't be in these lanes, (maybe the Shitheads lane lol) in fact I wish the Reality Police would pull you over and give you ticket as if you were riding by yourself in the HOV Lane, no, better yet I wish they would pull you over give you that Rodney King ass- whooping of a lifetime, #NoPoliceBrutality.  I just don't get it, this is a true testament of our generation being within a certain identity crisis. So I pose the question, when has it ever been a cool thing. (I.e Fad, Popular, "the thing to do" to be an Asshole, (I.e. Prick, DoucheBag, Tool, Jerk, Dick, "Piece of Work" etc.) ? Would someone PLEASE tell me when this became a cool thing to claim. Everyday I get on twitter I see every other person claiming #TeamAsshole, or exclaiming how much of an Asshole they are. WHAT...THE...FCUK... is wrong with you? Then these same people go so far to even try to portray this identity they (key word here, Pay Attention) "SELF-PROCLAIM." Things like this really worry me, like why are you bragging to be Asshole. Nevertheless why are you (another key word here) "TRYING" to act like one? How dumb can you be? Being an asshole is not something you 'TRY" to be, nor is it something you just get up in the morning and feel proud of, it just a trait that you live with, because, indeed it is what it is. I find it awfully crazy that more people brag about being an Asshole than a humanitarian or a genuinely nice person. I admit I've commented, not boasted about being a Asshole sometimes but it is because I have, (PAY ATTENTION) accepted who I am as an individual and continued to be myself on an everyday basis without changing for anyone. I mean, its not like Assholes get a tax credit from the government, or they get any kind of special treatment, so why try to be something you're not? Whenever you get a chance, go to Twitter and type asshole in to the search bar and watch how many dumbass human beings use this term so loosely. This is just so fcuking RIDICULOUS! (word to KanYe West.) So... this next message goes out to ALL of the females that have to "Self Proclaim" their asshole-ness, instead of being themselves. Next time a girl false claims being an asshole to be cool this is what she is really saying below.
The next time a guy, "Self Proclaims" to be an asshole, just to be cool, this is what he is really saying below.
 PEOPLE, acting as something you're not just to be considered "Cool" is very outdated. Please be yourself. If being an Asshole is not you, don't be it just cause KanYe West made a song giving a tribute to all of the Assholes of the world. It is simply not a crime to be WHO YOU ARE...

But I must ask again... Why does everyone wanna be an Asshole? What's the Point?!

I'm sure some of my readers out there have answers and I'm sure you all have an opinion as well. Please enlighten me on your thoughts because I am very confused. Comment !!!



  1. Man, I've been asking myself the very same question. Acting like an 'asshole' always boils down to the same thing... some people have had their lil feelings hurt. It's a normal, psychological reaction to emotional pain.

    Let's take Kanye West for example, because I partially blame him for this trend. That man has been through some things, I think the death of his mother and the breakup with the love of his life were the tipping points for him. Those events are recent and he has not had time to fully heal, so he's in the angry stage of grief.

    Now, the different between Kanye West and the other assholes is that he is a recording artist. What's a poet without pain? The asshole-wannabes I'm seeing on twitter, are just people who have been fucked over in some way or another. Being an asshole, if anything, shows vulnerability- a fear of openness and the risks it brings.

    The longer one stays in this stage of a grieving process, the longer they push away God, love, hope, happiness, and peace.

    Being an asshole=being broken. I don't need any broken people in my life.

  2. I agree with @JazzyBe11e completely. Nowadays people as though any injustice brought upon them must be shared with the world and that the pain they are unjustly chosen to bear is not theirs alone. True asshole's are a penny a dozen not a dime as these twitter faggots tend to proclaim repeatedly. It disheartening but as are many of the trends, fads, styles that we all see on a daily basis. But hey you live by the sword, you die by the sword is what I've always been instilled with and live by to this day so until people realize that we will have to continue to watch people aimlessly announce their capitulation to the next episode of ignorant bliss.

    "ignorance is an indulgence before a mindset"

  3. @thera_flu
    I am not a proclaimed "asshole" but I do feel that sometimes sarcasm can lead to people perceiving one as an asshole. I use sarcasm and over-exaggerating daily but its a thin line in which i dont cross over to that asshole side

  4. People just want to feel like they belong to something. Any social networking site provides that vehicle for those said individuals who feel the need to label themselves. Unfortunately, in our society, the negative aspects of certain lifestyles are glorified (i.e. the indulgence of weed and alcohol, cursing in public), so people find it easier to place themselves in a category they themselves find cool as opposed to just being who they are and making that cool (not saying that will always work, but it is what it is lol). If that's how certain people feel, let them feel that way. It's not like they needed any other validation besides that from themselves to be so anyways. Once they reach the cusp of their self-imposed ignorance and their own enlightenment period, point them to this blog entry.

  5. often times being an asshole only equates to how many people you hurt. Is being an asshole really worth knowing how much grief you have caused other people. knowing that you have single-handedly added to the epidemic of hate we have on this planet is not something one should be proud of
    with that being said...if you look at our media, in many ways, glorifies being an "asshole". When celebrities do things that are "asshole-ish" it is widely publicized. and we all know that there is no such thing as bad publicity...mostly. but the media fails to cover stories, when celebrities participate in humanitarian efforts and activism, as ferociously.
    in effect, being an asshole has not only become a fad among young people, but a widely accepted culture within our elite/celebrities. this is not to say that there aren't many celebrities that are participating in humanitarian/charitable activities, but rather that these efforts are overshadowed by all the accumulated asshole activities of their peers. which, in my eyes, is very sad and depressing.

  6. After reading all these comments i see some people kind of took this post in another direction than what i feel the original post was saying. I originally read it as people who are just regular AS FUCK (no i'm not mad) proclaiming to be "assholes" as if that will, a.) get them "bitches" or b.) bring them fame and fortune. lol

    i've been called an asshole almost my whole life by countless people, but thats only kuz i sometimes do asshole things, BUT all the while if u ask me if i'm an asshole i'm gonna say NO! kuz who the fuck cares/wants to be! i am what i am what i is. lol
    the end

  7. oh and that first picture is hilariously disgusting lol

  8. Those are some scrumptious balloon knots!!! I'd eat em