Monday, November 22, 2010

I Love Her... and Her

So it was rolling around to me in my head, and it occurred to me yesterday that I did not know what mind pharmaceuticals I wanted to push upon you all, I mean I could of given you all the usual fix but today... Today... might be the day some off you all O.D. on this hit I give your minds... Please use this accordingly. I do not want anyone calling the FEDS, snitching because they're mama, O.D.'ed on my product...

But Anyways...

Here's Another One from your favorite mind drug dealer...
Now I know from the title and the picture you all think Royal is on some other ish as usual but not today ladies and gentlemen... I figure I tackle a certain issue that has caught my attention recently from a debate on Twitter. Personally I feel that its adequately impossible but many of my comrades and fellow colleagues feel otherwise . So I pose this questions to you, Is It Possible To Be In Love With More Then One Person, TRUTHFULLY? 
Stop... Think About It..

 My answer, NO... and here's why. Although it is rather human nature for humans to experience the Nirvana of the emotion that is "Love" I think that it is too far complex to share with a multitude of individuals, let along one person. In addition if you can honestly, genuinely "LOVE" more than one individual it kind of goes against all teaching about human interaction that we've all been taught through life. Which means monogamy is out of the window and therefore, somewhat impossible in relationships. Along with that take away the concept of "soul-mates" (a concept some people don't even believe in the first place) because indeed the word "soul-mate" is of singular connotation meaning that ONE individuals possesses the adequate traits that another individual feels is compatible in an perfect manner, if not more perfectly than anyone else before them. In simpler terms, possessing a soul-mate is saying a individual "completes" you in essence. To dive even deeper, (No #EddieLongstroke LOL) I would think the person whom you fall "in love" with would be the individual that completes you. Therefore if you fell in love with more than one person wouldn't that be saying that those individuals complete you? Just a question.  In addition I feel like if it IS quite possible to be in LOVE with more than one person, then the definition of the state of being "In Love" must be redefined in some sense. I say this because if it IS possible, LOVE can't be the pure, euphoric emotion that we all hope to feel one day. It just can't be possible. I mean, the possibility of falling in love with more than one person, seems to be a paradox of some sort. It has to be; But indeed if falling "in Love" with more than one individual IS quite possible it even creates a breach in the way of life as we know it because it goes against certain codes, or laws that govern us as civil beings on this Earth. I feel like the complexity of relationships get even MORE complex and furthermore impossible. So in some imperfect world where, being in love with more than one person exists it creates a multitude of problems (I Believe) beyond epic proportions. In my opinion, if you as an individual feel compelled to even fathom being "In Love" with more than one person, you really have a misguided definition of Love and Infatuation. For lack of better words while you feel you may be "In Love" with both people in reality you truly "Love" one person but there has to be an infatuation effect with the other individual. Why does Royal say this? Because as I stated earlier, being "In Love" is too strong of an emotion that can be rationed amongst individuals. Never ever have I heard of being "In Love" as a 50/50 or even 25/25/25/25 (if you're in love with 4 people at once, please allow #JesusToTakeTheWheel) emotion. I though it was all or nothing, 100/0, etc. But hey you all are "people" so I could be wrong... LMAO

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Guys what do you think?! Ladies I DEFINITELY want to know how you feel... Can it be possible to love more than one person? If so how could that happen? Let me know !!! PLEASE COMMENT !


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  1. My answer is yes, you can truly love more than one person and I respectfully disagree with you when you say that if this is true, monogamy goes out the widow. Monogamy is simply a form of socialization that has nothing to do with love. Love has no bounds and rules, now what we try to do so that we remain “civilized” and don’t mass spread disease and foolishness is we tell ourselves that monogamy is directly associated with love.

    I beg to differ.

    There are different types and levels of love…romantic, platonic, etc. And there are also levels of lust that are so strong that the hormones can cloud ones judgment in such a extreme way that they feel like they are “in love”.

    As for me, I feel that I, as well as many others CAN love more than one person. The question is, can most folks juggle multiple lovers, their feelings AND desires and still stay civilized? Monogamy is a choice…and some would say a necessary evil, not to secure love…but to maintain it.

    Your “no eddie long” comment is hilarious.

    Speaking from a perspective of a married, divorced, soon to be married again woman….I can tell you that love only becomes more complex and has more depth as one gets older and has more experiences. The older you get, the less you cling to the idealistic views of love and the more you view “love” as a sliding slope that has no exact shape or form. Soul mates certainly can be a plural concept because one’s soul has many elements so it MUST be completely possible that there is at least one (maybe many) other people who may be a mate to said soul.

    To further prove my point…being “in love” is simply a relationship phase that is temporary…or perhaps fleeting is a better word. Lasting love requires true loyalty, concern for the persons well being, attraction and on the highest level “kindred spirits”. I do not believe that those elements all have to be at 100% at any given time for the basis of that love to be valid. Therefore, if we break love down to its purest form, it IS possible to feel that way about multiple people. I suppose the ultimate sacrifice that we all choose to or SHOULD make is to decide who we want to focus on.

    I believe polygamist, are really happy and many times do love some or all of their wives. We in “every day society” would do good to stop turning our nose up at the concept and perhaps consider facing our carnal and emotional desires as opposed to shunning something that is completely natural.

    With that being said, I am getting married in a few weeks so I will exit stage left before you drop a bug in the grooms ear. Its be fun. lol