Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Miseducation of The Black Man

Enough is enough, declare this piece as the #WarningShots to the Entertainment Industry, The American Society, and The World.

So I'm just browsing the internet, and I typed looking at all things black (or African American for you politically correct individuals) and I was just appalled at how the Black Man was being represented within the scope of not just the media or entertainment industry, but LIFE. Furthermore, to be optimistic I glanced at a few Black representations popular representations of the black man, and even more I was disgusted that my own people, even my fellow black man would represent us in such a negative light. Then I thought to myself, this has to cease, to insure a positive future for just not the Black Man, but the black race, in general. But I digress. I admit my Black Brethren sometimes make more of the foolish decisions in life. Hell I'll go out on a limb and say that we as black men do some of the dumbest shit consistently, but honestly is it our fault? Not making excuses for those that choose to live a life of ignorance or debauchery, but honestly is it cause we (The Black Male Species) don't know any better? I believe so. Because today, this one day in researching about myself (The Black Man) I learned far more than I could ever know. I'll share some of the things I learned this morning about myself. I learned that before I even came into this world, through my beautiful black mother, she would have me in a impoverished state in which already supporting my older brothers in sisters, I would be another hardship upon her. In addition I also learned that my father or my mother's sperm donor so to speak, would not be married to my beautiful black mother even after birth. Not to mention I will sparingly ever have face to face meetings with my father... EVER. I learned that the only way for me to make it out of my below average economically inefficient lifestyle, I could only take on three professions. I was destined to be either a Professional Athlete, Rapper, or a Gangster. In which the later, was impossible because I leaned on the strong matriarchal disciplines that were taught through my mother. Furthermore I learned that I never really had a strong Male figure in life, therefore I never learned how to actually be a man. More importantly I learned that I could not ever produce nor even think of producing a positive relationship with any woman, no matter how hard I tried. Additionally I learned that out of all races of men, I was the more superficial, using my money for nice cars, jewelery, and materialistic things rather than saving and investing. What hurt me the most is that I learned that I learned what I used to, be, and I see what I have become. Earlier I stated that black men don't know any better because we don't we live as we do today because of what we seen and how society has portrayed us all this time. We don't know THE TRUTH. As crazy as it sounds everything I stated above is actually what I learned about myself within the entertainment sector of life. I definitely don't remember life like that and I'm sure plenty many of my brethren haven't either. I understand something maybe truth but it doesn't correspond to the black man as a whole. SO... This goes out to every black man down for the cause... WE ARE NOT BEING REPRESENTED IN THIS LIFE WELL. We are much better than how the entertainment sector and society portrays us. We were once kings, we were once disciplined, we once never understood the meaning of the word weakness. We were once feared, we were NEVER made fun of nor taken lightly. Its time now if ever than it was before to take back everything that was taken from us. Lets stop discriminating within our own race, let's treat our women (those deserving) like the queens they are. There is so much we have yet to accomplished, there is so much work to be done to restore our culture back the respectable fashion that it once was. The reality in which we see that's portrayed to us in movies, Tv, Music, etc. Is not the truth. Spark true change, to insure a better future for our people. 


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