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Giving The Game Away for Free: Sex Tips for Men

I usually don't do this, because I feel all of the necessary information that I'm about to give is quite black and white and although I must admit some of this information must be researched at some point I believe that there IS universal sexual knowledge. Because I'm a strong advocate of positivity and love in the right manner so I feel like the sexual spectrum needs to be addressed, I see way TOO MANY posts on Twitter about women not being satisfied for whatever reason. So for the first time ever, I, The Royal Entity will give away the basics of the game for free... But the first way to combat any problem is to admit you have a problem so please in the picture with Dr. Phil above replace the "You" with I and repeat the phrase three times to yourself...

Let's Begin

There is so much to cover so much to state... With that being said, I'm covering the basics that you must understand in order to achieve the elite status to a woman in the bedroom. Before I begin I'm gonna out like a few truths that YOU MUST understand with sex.

- A woman knows if she gonna have sex with you the first time you both meet each other.
This is a constant mental mistake made by men, when they think that they make the woman want to have them, although it is partly true having sex ultimately lies within the choice of the woman. When it comes to Sex a man really has NO choice because if its offered 88% 92% of the time we're gonna take it oending circumstances.

- Sex is more of a spiritual thing than you think.
Men should honestly think twice about having Sex with every woman they want to just because they can. A lot of people don't unerstand that sex was made to be a sacred thing shared between... (pay attention here) TWO SPIRITUALLY IN TUNED individuals. I'm not saying  promiscuity  is wrong, but every time you have sex with a person you carry a piece of them away with you as the ycarry a piece of you away with them; (hence the theory of "baggage") especially with the swapping of fluids. My motto is, is that if you can't see her being the mother of your child then you shouldn't be having sex with her; and the same goes for women. Men and women remember you either harm or nuture your spirit by the people you have sex with.

- A Man's job is to ALWAYS, no matter what, please the woman.
Men, you must not under ANY circumstances be a selfish lover. That bullsh*t about, "you better get yours before I get mines." sounds cool but it will get you nowhere with a REAL woman. You see if a female gives you the most precious thing she has to offer (her body) why would you not want to prove how deserving of you are? That's why we as men are the penetrator and the woman are the penetratee, the MOST HIGH knew what he/she were doing. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that at all costs you must aim first to make sure she is pleased

Now that you understand these things lets get down to business...

1. Understand that every woman is different.

The first mistake men many men make is that they feel that all women are the same. DEFINITELY WRONG there are so many ways to understand what a woman wants. The easiest way to find out is by what women like to do the most... TALK. When you and your woman reach that point where you know things might get sexual ask her what she likes, ask her what she doesn't likes, you'll be surprised what she tells you. In addition the female body is one of the greatest  sensory receptors in the universe in which the female body responds to what it likes and what it doesn't like in an instant fashion. Therefore don't be afraid to be sensual and try things out. Which brings me to my point...

2. Understand the Female Anatomy

This is the key to sucess for any man wanting to be a smash (no pun intended) in the bedroom. Many guys don't understand how valuable understanding the female anatomy is. So valuable in fact that once you understand the female body and understand what that specific female likes, you can bring her pleasure again, and again. Knowledge of the female anatomy allows you to understand what areas to be gentle, what areas to be rough, and most importantly what area triggers sensations that you aim for you woman to experience. I wisely advise ALL men to especially look at a diagram of the vagina and study it throughly, I assure you that knowledge alone will increase the skill of cunnilingus. By understanding the female body you will also understand that the woman body is like an itinerary you take before you reach your final destination. A lot of men like to get straight into sex, and this is one of the biggest mistakes they make.  The woman's body is so gentle, so unique, that at times it doesn't even take a penis to satisfy her. Yet, so many men don't understand this.

3. Just a theory: Premature Ejaculation is a common sense issue...

I feel like this because supposedly the more you have sex the more your stamina increases in a sense. Sex is a physical activity, as in every physical activity the more you perform, the better at it you get, for lack of better words. I say that to say that I feel Premature Ejaculation is not, and shouldn't be much of a problem, to combat, you simply have to do the necessary things in order to prevent it. Its really simple, almost too easy, you as a man just have to understand your body. First things first, FOREPLAY is essential. Foreplay makes sex SO much longer than what you think, and the key part is that it allows the woman to climax before you do and buys you a lot of time. Next, most of the time when men climax quickly is because they put themselves in positions to climax quick. For example YOU SHOULD NEVER:
- start sex out in your favorite position
-Exert yourself in the beginning, (what's the rush?)
- Be in a position where the woman is in control
But if all else fails two things that always work just pull out before you get that feeling and start "eating" until you get yourself back together then go back at it.With this method a woman might complain but she won't because you're being spontaneous. And spontaneity never fails.

This is just a simple blueprint to all of men out there who are searching for answers on how to better their sex game. I PROMISE, even GUARANTEE if anyone take heeds to the advice that I just gave that you will see changes in your sex life. But most importantly I want men to understand the truths of sex because I feel that it would place a distinct perspective on sex in general.  So fellas, go out there and give the woman the orgasm she deserves, but I remind you to please be safe out there, and have good Sexual Health.

So what do you all think ?! I would love to hear from you all, please comment and if you have any questions fell free to email me at


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