Monday, January 31, 2011

St. Valentines Day Massacre 2011

Rest In Peace: Cupid
 Unknown B.C.- 2011

Well as we all know, fourteen days from today will be the annual 1511th Valentine's Day, and yet Valentines day has reverted back to the famous Valentine's Day of 1929. (Eek!) And no men aren't the primary culprits of this grand disaster (this time) it is actually women. And (Disclaimer: excuse my next choice of words) these bitches are illin' (Illin-adjective- synonymous with terms such as crazy, unstable, or the popular street term, "trippin"). Never in my 1000 years of life (lol) have I seen so many women filled with nothing but bitter, utter contempt of a holiday that is known to benefit them mostly. Seriously, what is the problem with you bitchez ? (Disclaimer #2: I AM NOT calling women in general "Bitchez" but instead, using this term to describe the certain type of women that are displaying a certain type of unnecessary behavior because of the festive that is Valentine's day. However if you feel slightly offended in what I'm saying... then... you're probably a Bitch... BITCH. LOL) But seriously, ladies
All of the "Bitchez" are saying this while reading. SMH
what has become of you all ?! Reading various tweets, facebook statuses, BBM statuses, and even conversations I've had with various individuals have led me to believe that the female bitterness level is at an ALL-TIME high. When did women EVER not like Valentine's Day? When have women EVER not looked forward to Valentine's Day? But most of all... WHEN DID WOMEN BECOME SO BITTER AROUND VALENTINE'S DAY ?!?! I think it is a problem when the majority of women aren't able to enjoy Valentine's Day, a day that has historically been in their favor for ages, therefore it makes me feel a certain way when women are angry when Valentine's Day is near. There is no excuse as to why a women is bitter on Valentine's Day, don't get me wrong there are some dirtbag dudes out there who perform some rather devious acts upon women to scar them forever around this time but ultimately I feel that this situation is attributed to the woman and the woman only. I know you ladies are asking, "Royal how is this our fault ?" Ladies this is your fault because you have improper Pussy management skills, (Excuse my terms I hate the word "vagina"). I will cover this more tomorrow, and go in depth on what I mean. Ladies you guys are the root to everything, the cause and effect to everything in the Universe therefore if your Valentine's Day doesn't look promising  as it should be, you have no one to blame but yourself. Think about it, if men had a day that was known as a day where it was specifically meant to make sure they were pleased do you REALLY think that day would be wasted?! HELL NO. I'm not saying you should just compromise yourself just to have a good Valentine's Day, but you shouldn't have a bad one or an unsatisfactory one. I hate to see a bitter woman, but I have NO sympathy for you "bitchez" that are trying to bring those that are happy down with you. Its simply disgusting, and just because you improperly rationed out your vagina doesn't mean other women are doing the same. So do all of the happy a women a favor and stop trying to massacre Valentine's Day. You bitter bitchez may have killed Cupid, but please do not try to kill the day of Valentine's Day... There ARE still some HAPPY women out there... 

Tomorrow please come prepared, it will be straight truth, no chaser. I'm tired of seeing some of the women out there struggle...

So what do you all think?! Ladies ?! Fellas ?! Please comment I would love to hear your thoughts !!!



  1. So i'm guessing you're going to enjoy this day as well??? I believe it's a day for men as too. I celebrate with my Mom, Dad, family and Boyfriend so it's special in whole other ways, NOT just through a MAN and WOMAN. My mom was and STILL is my Valentine, besides my boyfriend that is. :)

  2. I agree. If a woman is going to be bitter, she just need to go sit in a room with a bottle of something, and keep that shit to herself. Dont nobody want to hear their sob stories.