Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ted DiBiase

No this one is not about the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase but this brilliant man said something that still applies and will forever apply as long as we have the Federal Reserve (Subliminal). What did he say? "EVERYONE HAS A PRICE" The realest thing I've ever heard.

There are two things, (I've learned) that makes the world go around PEOPLE and MONEY. It's not what you know at times yet, its WHO you know. And if you don't know much and even if you don't know anyone, if you have MONEY you can control a lot of things. But amongst both of these, money has more power over all. In fact, I feel in some cases money has its own religion in some sense. To come to think about it money in essence may be its own Entity (No Pun Intended. LOL) I digress, but that was just to show the type of power money has in our society. SO much power in fact that I feel that everyone has a price where they would compromise themselves in any situation. Not saying that everyone would go against their own values or morals but I know that there is that "PRICE of COMPROMISE" worthy of altering someone's normal behavior. In addition, I feel that any person who believes that they do not have price is simply lying to themselves. I say this because amongst everything you do in life, you do it for some sort of reward or capital. I don't care how of a good person you are, or how much faith you may put in the morals you possess, you can be bought if the price is right. No matter how wrong it is you'd do something out of your comfort area as long as the price is right. I admit even within myself, I'd compromise SOME things for the right price, but I MUST STRESS the "SOME" in this statement. LOL. It may sound wrong in some respect, but it is the way of life, I believe. Money, in our society, is synonymous with status and prosperity, therfore why wouldn't people want to attain it by any means?  In addition, some people even go to great lengths to attain these minute, green pieces of paper, and although it may be wrong in some realities, I understand why.

So... I want to do a little poll... (BUT I NEED EVERYONE'S PARTICIPATION) 
Two Scenarios... One for the Ladies... One for the men... I want people to honestly answer the questions as best as you can...

Men: You are confronted with two choices each awards a great amount of money but the risks involved differ. Choice 1: Have sex with a beautiful woman, unprotected for $10 Billion dollars, catch is she has an STD but you do not know what it is nor can she tell you. Choice 2: Allow another man to perform oral sex on you for $100 Million Dollars.

 Women: Same as above two choices: Choice 1: You are only able to have one child in life, catch is the one child has to be by the man you despise the most all, all for $10 Billion. Choice 2: You are offered $100 Million Dollars catch is, in order to receive this money you have to star in an adult film in which you have sex with 3 men simultaneously.

I know some of this sounds absurd, but its to make you guys think...

Choose Wisely...


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  1. I hate to be the one "lying to myself" as you say but I would NEVER take either one of those offers! My faith in God allows me to be secure with who I am and what I have! No money could replace my happiness!! That's what's important! This post seem like they are coming from a very immature individual!