Friday, March 11, 2011

Pull Up A Chair Young Man

So it has come to my attention that men out here are purposely giving females bad sex. This, I have a problem with for the simple fact of how idiotic this sounds. Never in all my lifetimes of Sexual Godliness, have a heard such insolence. This is simply preposterous and a insult to SEX in general and the women whom have chosen to lay with you. This must stop immediately, I WILL not allow my brotheren to be gossiped about in a bad matter anymore. I WILL NOT allow the deserving, beautiful, woman to endure less then stellar sex any longer. So young man... pull up a chair, let the GOD school you on a couple of things.
First and foremost understand that sex is something that it is impossible to become bad at when you master it, or for most of you , become average (lol). Sex is something that you become gradually good at the more you have it, and the more new things you learn about it. Therefore it shouldn't be possible for a man to even be able to give bad sex to a woman if he is as good as he say he is. Because quite frankly if you ARE capable of giving a woman bad sex, I question your sex game in the first place. Good sex is going to always be good sex no matter the circumstances. Even if you ejaculate quickly, she's gonna be angry why? Because for the duration of you all were having sex it was GOOD and she wants more. A woman cares not for bad sex, do you really think she'd be angry if she was on the receiving end of bad sex, and the guy ejaculated quickly?! Hell NO !!! She'd be happy that the dreadfulness is over.

Like I really can not understand how bad sex is possible for someone who claims to have the best sex. Gentlemen you have to get it together. Sex is like riding a bike although there are different kinds of bikes in which require different kinds of riding, the dynamics remain the same. In addition #shoutout to the dumbasses that have stated, "Every girl cannot get the A+ sex some need to get some D- minus sex because they aren't (here's the kicker part) my "main" girl or my "main" sex partner."Are niggaz (Disclaimer: "niggaz" is a term coined by me as a general pronoun that can be used to describe a senseless individual. Even E.T. (the little alien) would be a "nigga" if he did some dumb sh*t. But I digress) that dumb?!?! Like I've already stated if you are already decent in sex its impossible to give bad sex. Secondly, why have sex with a woman whom you wouldn't want to give your all to anyways? What's the logic in that? That is the weakest excuse to give a woman bad sex. She's already allowing you to possess her most precious gift so why don't you bless her with a gift of your own? Oops... I forgot, you can't because you lack the necessary capabilities to. All that I ask is at least be honest with yourself. If you're sexual consistency is poor, its not cause you choose to switch it up, you're just not on that level that you think you're on. Its simply not possible. Additionally , how can your male ego allow you to even do such a thing in this day in age?! I just don't get it. Because of things like this I feel that men have loss touch on what it means to be a true gentleman, but maybe its just me... I just know one thing for sure, bad sex is impossible to those who perform on a high level on a consistent basis. So all my brothers get your sex game on point, because you all are #losing if you don't.

So ladies what do you all think am I right or is this "bad sex" understandable? Fellas, do you all agree with me, or are you going to continue giving women "bad pipe" ? Let me know your thoughts...


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  1. YOU ASSHOLE!!! I slick jus teared up from laughing so hard lmaooooo

    But this is completely true. ESPECIALLY in Atlanta. Fuck around and give someone bad sex more than once.... ur sex career could possibly be ruined if u fucked over the wrong girl. Just look at you're daily Twitter TL. Someone got bad dick n went ham. Niggas gotta have some respect for their future lol