Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DO NOT Obey Your #Thirst


 This quintessential #thirst that has been plaguing society has to stop... and STOP IMMEDIATELY! This shit has gotten so badly people out here in these streets afraid to be attracted to individuals or even express the attraction they possess for certain individuals. Therefore I the Royal Entity, on this day, strike the first blow to #TheThirst...

Men... PLEASE ease up on this thirstiness that you all possess for these women. Niggaz these days go to any lengths just to get some ass. Its really not that serious. No really... ITS REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS. What the fcuk is wrong with you niggaz?! Disclaimer: {Those that are new to this site please note that when I use terms such as "Niggaz" "Bitchez" " "Hoes/Heauxs" or any term thereof, I mean everyone that does questionable acts of ignorance, no matter race, creed, color or sexual orientation.} Niggaz out here see a girl that clearly a bust, however because she has a phat ass or nice tits they say she fine or she sexy. Then as more niggaz infected with #TheThirst tell her exact same thing, you got bitches out here, looking like this...

 Feeliling like this... 

 You dumb niggaz... Because of all of you, this cycle has started and it does nothing but continue to worsen. Therefore, you have gentlemen  who just simply acknowledges these women presence, by saying "hello," or a simple similar greeting, and these heauxs have the audacity to feel as though they are trying to holla... {Adj: Means to court; to want to date; desire to begin relationship with.)  ARE YOU FCUKING SERIOUS !?

This is then how they feel...


Then Unfortunately...
So men please get a grip, its not that serious really, if you find yourself thirsty PLEASE exfoliate, and quench your thirst, by drinking a thirst quenching beverage, taking a shower/bath, stand in the rain, and if severe thirst transpires please drown your muthafcukin ass in your nearest lake, stream or pool. Oh ladies I haven't forgot about those bitchez suffering from #TheThirst. These hoes make me sick the most... Why is that Entity? Because you are WOMEN being THIRSTY. Do you all see how dumb that sounds, that is a oxymoron within itself. How the fcuk can the hunted  become the hunter? Niggaz are thirsty for one prime reason... PUSSY! Therefore how does it look when a woman is thirsty?!

I'm gonna give you guys a second to think about this...
Ole DUMB ASS HEAUXS!!! You are a fcuking woman, it is VERY easy for you all to get sex. There is NO NEED for you to be thirsty. NONE. Niggaz are going to want to have sex with you anyways, there is NO NEED for you to be thirsty for a man unless he is YOUR man. Because you too thirsty Heaux create a pattern so unorthodox that it causes problematic issues within society. So please, ladies, gentlemen, stop the thirstiness. If you're gonna be thirsty, be thirsty for one person who is indeed worth being thirsty for. Cut out all of the excess thirst because you will lose control and become infected with #TheThirst. So good people next time you encounter someone infected with the thirst, man or woman , or if you feel that you are about to become a victim of #TheThirst remember these steps... 



 and lastly, Feel happy because you have resisted #TheThirst

So now comes the part when you guys let me know your thoughts... Am I the only one that hates thirstyness? What are your concerns about it? Let me know! Comment !!!



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  1. currently dying from laughter from the idea of the thirt. Unfortunately society has plagued us with the impression that we have to uphold the standards taught to us on music, tv, and movies. U only get the girl if you chase her down and females only keep a man's attention by throwing him the goodies, which only backfire for both parties because the male get's bored and the ladies get played. SMH, but thirst no longer, rejoice because your eyes have been opened go forth and teach so that others may learn!