Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ladies... #iNeedAnswers

 SMH is an understatement...
Ladies we as men love ya'll... we really do, we love EVERYTHING about ya'll as well. But there are things in life that you all do that are, for lack of better terms, "Dumb as Fcuk." You all know that I, the Royal Entity got your back but some things you all do just make myself and the rest of men feel like
But I digress...

Therefore I composed a list of questions that I really want you all to attempt answer or at least develop some type of conclusion on why we as men feel the way we do about you all at times...

Why do women cut their hair off then complain about wanting it to grow back?

Why do women cut their hair and get weave put right back in it?

Why do women really feel like men will still love them the same if they go from supermodel status to flabby and out of shape?

Why do women want to talk so much?

Why do women love talking about things that don't matter?

We listen to ya'll and be like 
Why do women hate on each other so much?

Why must ya'll find flaw in EVERY other woman?

Why do women ask so many questions?

Why  are women so subliminally gay?

Why must women ask questions that they already know the answer to?

Why are ya'll so nosey?

What fairy tale do you guys live in, because its clearly not reality?

Why are some of ya'll incapable of certain domestic duties?

When did you all decide getting a fade was sexy?

Why are niggaz not shit?

Last but not least why the fcuk do you all love Beyonce so much?!?!

This are just a few that I want to know, however I'm pretty sure that there are much more than men wanna know. So fellas if you have anymore questions PLEASE comment and add them to the list.

Ladies we are awaiting your answers to the questions...

 Please let us know the deal with all of this sh*t!!!


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