Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Take Me Out The Game Coach!!!

Sometimes you gotta let go of the game...
This piece is from my guest blogger Britt Brooke, I dig her style, and she could possibly become apart of the site. You guys sit back and enjoy this crack from one of my good friends...

Every man and women will have that moment when they are ready to settle down. Now granted, it usually doesn’t work out the first time or the second time but when you find a partner that’s willing to settle down when you are, with the same life goals and motivation as you, I see a recipe for success.

It all comes down to patience. If you find love at 18-20, kudos; I hope it lasts. Personally, I don’t feel many people are mature or established enough for all that. I know everyone has different standards so I won’t even get into that. Let’s break this down through genders; I know some of you have a difficult time comprehending some things, ex: girls who say “they think like a man.” Bitch Please

Anyway, as a female, one thing I have learned is to stay grounded in your standards. If that means you have to be single for a minute, that’s fine, work on yourself. Also, ladies, know what you deserve. Don’t be asking for an abundance of things to be brought to the table when you can barely feed yourself. Also, unless you ready for what comes with the fame, the industry guys, athletes and/or Greeks aren’t for you. THEY HAVE GROUPIES!! Now it’s up to the guy on how he handles it, but it’s up to you to put your foot down. Males, I won’t say men or boys, will only do to you what you allow. Remember that. If you don’t know how to hold a meaningful conversation and think your looks are going to get you in the door, you deserve to be single dummy. One last thing, know when a situation is not working out, no need to stay around unhappy making everyone else miserable.

Men: Have some damn respect for yourself. Letting a female cake you is not cute. If you are not ready to be out the game, tell her upfront, she may still stick around. Also, don’t be dumb, listen to ya niggas. If the say she’s a hoe, or she’s freaked out, they may know something you are in denial about.  Also, males, please please PLEASE know what you have to offer. You’re come up has nothing to do with me unless were already committed. What do you have now?! What do you have to offer (other than sex) that I can’t get from the next man? I can’t emphasis this enough; know how to hold a conversation. I don’t want to be on the phone listening to you breathe or text in my ear.  If you are the flirting type, dating probably isn’t in your best interest at this age. Get it all out your system. The last thing America needs in another bitter female.

It’s really not many things to grasps to know if you are ready or not for a relationship. I do suggest not listening to your friends and keeping your business to yourself to a degree. At the end of the day you need to be comfortable and happy. If you aren’t with the person your dating, sexing, talking to, and you want a relationship, bring it up or let it go.

So ladies how do you feel about this? Fellas? What are your opinions on it?! Please comment!!!


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